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Standby! Andy Warhol Interviews Frank Zappa without saying a word…

In the early 80’s, the father of Pop Art,  Andy Warhol had public access TV show called “Warhol’s TV. 

So, one  of the episodes has an interview of Frank Zappa, even though Andy Warhol should hosted the interview he didn’t say a word, instead of him, Richard Berlin did all the talking. We all know that Warhol was rather an odd genius, but why not saying a word during the interview?

The answer is simple, Andy Warhol hated Frank Zappa deeply, but however he invited him on interview.

However, the interview made an enormous impression on Andy Warhol, on which he elaborates more in his diary  The Andy Warhol Diaries on June 26, 1983

Frank Zappa came to be interviewed for our TV show and I think that after the interview I hated Zappa even more than when it started. I remember when he was so mean to us when the “Mothers of Invention” played with the “Velvet Underground”— I think both at the Trip, in L.A., and at the Fillmore in San Francisco. I hated him then and I still don’t like him. And he was awfully strange about Moon. I said how great she was, and he said, “Listen, I created her. I invented her.” Like, “She’s nothing, it’s all me.” And I mean, if it was my daughter I would be saying, “Gee, she’s so smart,” but he’s taking all the credit. It was peculiar.

Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News