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Some of the most expensive and extremely valuable vintage toys

While some of you may still have some of these toys from when you were little, others may not have been so lucky. Whether your parents gave them away or they were broken from all the times you played with them, the toys have disappeared from your life.

Over the years, there have been toys worth more than others. Take a look at antique shops and on eBay, there are bound to be some that you recognize. Some of those are even going for hundreds of dollars because they are in high demand by avid toy collectors.

Just stop to think about when you were a child and all of the wonderful toys you had while growing up. What was the first toy that came to your mind? You most likely had one that you couldn’t live without and played with constantly. Here is a list of the top  6 toys that are unforgettable and worth some serious money:

Blythe Doll

1972 Blythe doll.Source
1972 Blythe doll.Source


The Kenner Company’s “Blythe Doll” was a fashion doll that came out in 1972. Features included eyes that changed color with the pull of a string. The doll was only sold for one year in the US, but has since developed a massive cult following across the globe

Year it came out: 1972

Price: $500+

Vinyl Caped Jawa

Source: Dalas Vintage Toys
Vinyl Caped Jawa Source: Dallas Vintage Toys

When this toy first came out it cost a measly $1.99. What makes this Jawa so special is that the originals came with a cape made of vinyl.  Very soon after the toy was released, the Kenner Company felt that its cape looked too cheap so they switched from vinyl to cloth. Original, vinyl caped Jawas are both rare and valuable.

Year it came out: 1978

Price: $2,000

Happy Holidays Barbie

Happy Holidays Barbie-1988 edition.Source:E bay
Happy Holidays Barbie 1988 edition Source: E-bay

When this toy was first released it sold out extremely quickly, and second hand dolls began to sell for large mark-ups as people desperately sought a Happy Holidays Barbie for their own collection. Hasbro took note of this and recognized the demand for “collectors edition” Barbie dolls for adult collectors, of which the Happy Holidays Barbie is considered by some to be the  first.

Year it came out: 1988

Price: $300


NTSC Nintendo Stadium Events

This is the cover art for Stadium Events. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to Bandai. Source
This is the cover art for Stadium Events. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to Bandai. Source

Price: $22,800

Year it came out: 1987

Like any game these days, this was originally worth 30 dollars. This game was fit for the original Nintendo System; there were only 200 copies of it made before it was recalled. After the recall, it was re-released with a different controller, and it’s believed that only 10 to 20 copies still exist.


Mego Elastic Batman

Mego Elastic Batman.Source
Mego Elastic Batman.Source

Price: $1,100

Year it came out: 1979

This toy was originally worth 16 dollars. The Mego Company tried to copy Kenner Company’s Stretch Armstrong by creating the Elastic superheroes collection. Toys that were released included Superman, Batman, and Plastic man. For obvious reasons, Kenner eventually filed a lawsuit and shut down the company from making anymore superheroes. Because of the latex and stretchy insides, many of these toys disintegrated. However, it is believed that two are still in existence.


Where the Wild Things Are: first edition

Where the wild things are .Library of Congress
Where the wild things are .Library of Congress

Price: $20,000

Year it came out: 1963

Probably one of the most famous and well known children’s books, the first edition of “Where the Wild Things are cost just a little over three dollars when it was released. Now, avid collectors from across the globe long for a copy of this rare book, pushing its value up to a whopping $20,000


Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News