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Warwick Castle Now Inviting Overnight Guests

Ian Harvey

This is a first, who wouldn’t want to stay at a castle as a guest? Being waited on hand and foot would sure make you feel like royalty itself. The castle in question is Warwick Castle. I has been turned into a hotel-type building for people to stay in while traveling.

This castle is considered one of the biggest, oldest, and best preserved in the world

Warwick Castle Source:By Gernot Keller, - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
Warwick Castle Photo credit

Visitors staying at the castle can be waited on hand and foot, ordering food whenever they feel. One can see the wait staff carrying food from across the courtyard to their room. However, there is one catch for the wait staff: there is no elevator, meaning they have to use the 54 step spiral staircase.

The staff must knock loudly on the solid wood doors; the castle is too old to have had bells originally installed.

The waiter carries food underneath the large silver domed lids in order to keep it piping hot. The only place to set the food down is on the hand-carved four-poster bed.

The castle is surrounded by the River Avon, giving guests the small, gentle sound of water moving below them.

Staying in a castle not for you? There are plenty of modern-day hotels surrounding the castle. However, for those who would enjoy a new view and a different experience on their trip, a stay at the Warwick Castle is just what you need.

Although the castle is rather large, only two rooms at the tower have been refurbished.  They have been replaced with fine furniture and fabrics. Guests can only expect the best, considering the staff at the castle only use the finest fabrics and furniture that the last guests who stayed there 100 years ago would expect. An added bonus is that there is a modern-day toilet. No need to use chamber pots this time!

Still not convinced about staying a night at the castle? Maybe this will sell you.

Some of the guests who had once stayed at the castle include Edward IV. Well, he didn’t really stay there, in fact, he was imprisoned there in 1469 by the Earl of Warwick.

One of the bonuses of staying at the castle is that once all of the visitors have gone, the guests get a personal tour of the castle.

The special tour guide takes guests through the vast, echoing halls. He takes them up the spiral staircases to the turret tops so they can get a glimpse of the stunning views. From there, you can see about half of Warwickshire. Guests are then taken into the locked chambers. Civil War prisoners were once kept up there, having written graffiti on the walls while being imprisoned.

View of Warwick Castle from The Mill Garden which is privately owned but open to the public Source:By Colin Craig, CC BY-SA 2.0,
View of Warwick Castle from The Mill Garden which is privately owned but open to the public. Photo credit 

The only thing that you can’t do on your stay is have dinner in the State Dining Room. By the time the tour starts, it is too late for the kitchens to be fired back up.

The tour ends at midnight, only leaving the guests inside their rooms. It can be quite silent, considering it is only them, the security guards, and the concierge who waits for the guests’ requests.

Perhaps the castle is haunted, but no guidebook the castle provides tells guests whether or not that’s true. Like any castle, though, there are bound to be many sad stories and deaths that happened within its walls.

Thankfully, the sound of the river drowns out any spooky noises, if there are any.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News