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Live in a castle for under a $1,000,000

Ian Harvey

This seven hundred thousand pound castle will make you feel like royalty! A six-bedroom mansion designed by one of the history’s greatest architects is up for grabs for  around $922,000.

Queen Victoria had a personal architect that she entrusted with her homes, and one of his six bedrooms “castles” is on the block for a shockingly small price. This jaw-dropping mansion was the pride and joy of previous owners, and it won’t be on the market for long. Nevertheless, it’s good to remember that if you work hard, it’s very possible to buy a castle and live life like a king!

Kingston Hall Nottinghamshire Source:By Palmiped - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Kingston Hall Nottinghamshire Photo credit

Edward Blore helped build the famous Windsor Castle and was also known as the architect who finished the construction of Buckingham Palace. This 1842 classic mansion, named Kingston Hall, has the perfect country feel combined with elegance and beauty.

Windsor Castle SourceBy Diliff - Own work, CC BY 2.5,
Windsor Castle Photo credit

The three-story mansion has the perfect mixture of modern appeal and historical elegance. Its features are reminiscent of a bygone era showcasing breathtaking interior design and a perfect stone casing that allows you to feel like royalty. As you enter the house, you’ll find fireplaces, artistic ceilings, and the original shutters around the windows will remind you of its authenticity.

The estate has been carefully renovated to create modern day comfort while maintaining its original beauty from a one of a kind castle. It also boasts three bathrooms, communal grounds, and even a private garage.

The luxurious castle was built within 16-acre parkland and consists of Derbyshire Ashlar stone that was transported through canals to make its long journey to the country castle. It was home to the Strutt family throughout most of the 1800s.

After guests venture through the estate gate and walk through the castle’s beautiful entrance, they walk into the reception hall that includes beautiful block flooring and an elegant fireplace to impress your visitors. Through the reception hall, you’ll find a pretty cloakroom and a restroom that is located close to the main dining room. You’ll also find a flight of stairs that leads to the second floor of the castle.

With beautifully crafted archways that lead to a well designed split level kitchen, the integrated kitchen appliances cater to the needs of a busy and modern family.

The castle even features art from the time period that it was built in and even comes with a 40-foot drawing area that fills the entire southwest part of the home, and the windows showcase the wonderful landscape around the area. Due to the fact that this room is mostly untouched, it creates a place to impress your guests because of the accompanying massive windows and an exit that leads directly into the castle gardens.

The ground floor houses a giant master bedroom that’s paired with a stunning dressing room and a luxurious bathroom. Also accompanying the master bedroom are another pair of bedrooms and a separate showering room. There is also a trio of bedrooms located on the second story of the castle where there is another shower with a stunning view of the surrounding estate.

Located close to the main building is a mini parking lot, and there is even a pool located indoors so you can take a dip no matter the weather. It’s shocking that this elegant estate even hit the market due to its wealth of history and the stunning country setting.


Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News