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The revival of witchcraft in modern Britain

Ian Harvey

When civil servant Louise falls a little short of cash, she does not simply tighten her purse strings. As an alternative, underneath the light of a full moon, she tucked her children into bed and went barefoot to the end of her garden carrying a green candle, as well a vast amount of herbs and a glass of wine.

Cautiously placing her glass of wine on the tree stump she uses as a makeshift altar, Louise was offering it as an endowment to the Moon Goddess. And then she dashed the sage and the heather into the flame of the candle, and a short incantation was repeated: “Every day, in every way, prosperity come to me.”

Louise, 37, concluded her spell with the text “So mote it be,” an old-fashioned way of saying “So be it,” before returning to her sitting room to watch the 10 o’clock news together with her husband, Jonathan. Louise, who works as an administrator for the Ministry of Defense, claims it did not take long for the spell to work – not even a few weeks later her husband’s share scheme developed and they got nearly £1,000 more than they anticipated. They had found an antique toy in their attic, and they sold it on eBay for double what they expected. Her husband got £1,900 to replace his broken laptop; they had expected only five hundred pounds.

Could this be the magical powers of her spells? Or might it be a series of coincidences that Louise had taken advantage of so that she could have evidence of harnessing the power of the universe? Regardless, Louise is one of an increasing amount of professional, educated women who have faith they can utilize witchcraft to help with anything from career success to weight loss.

According to the 2011 census, currently, there are 53,172 pagans in the UK (or persons who have faith in something other than a conventional deity.) This Information suggests modern witchcraft is becoming more popular. From the movie The Witch, which recently appeared at the Toronto Film Festival, to one of the bestselling book series A Discovery Of Witches by Deborah Harkness, it is obvious that “witching practices” are encountering a revival among educated women. Undoubtedly, the vast reach of spell books and internet sites currently offer aid for modern-day difficulties, whether it’s to avoid a head-on collision or to find your lost phone.

 Deborah Harkness Photo Credit
Deborah Harkness Photo Credit

The word “witch” is from the Old English “Wicca,” which translates as “wise woman.” Even though the incantations of countless spells are available for free on the internet, there is a flourishing selection of “witches” offering online spells for about £50 who will select the most powerful incantations. There is also a thriving trade in magic kits that include colored candles, crystals, and herbs, to help spells work more efficiently.

Louise’s curiosity started two years ago after she was told by a friend about night classes on spell casting, run by a local witch in Falmouth, Cornwall. Since learning the craft, she has only utilized magic sparingly, usually when money is tight. She stresses that for the spell to work you have to carry through a selfless act soon after. Spells are about equilibrium; you get in return only what you need. She admitted her husband Jonathan was skeptical initially, but after experiencing what that spells could do, he turned into a believer.

Kristen Riddle is a former college administrator who became fascinated by witchcraft, and 20 years ago she had taught her friend how to read tarot cards. Since that point in time Kristen had written six books on the topic, and receives letters asking for advice of casting spells.

Witchcraft is rising in demand as it starts to lose its terrifying black magic image. Witches have faith in that what they send out will return three-fold, so this means they will never perform a spell on a person that could harm or change their will. Some still believe that witches do consort with the devil, but it is very far from the truth. You cannot cast a love spell to have someone fall for you, for the reason that it is taking away their personal choice.

Magic Circle
Magic Circle

Woman are often drawn to spells because they represent feminine strength, and the witchcraft helps you tap into the forces of nature. It is said that magic can assist you in taking power in your life, accomplishing something positive to bring change. In essence, when you are casting a spell, it’s as if you are making a wish. When you are doing something physical, even if it’s as small as putting a flame to a candle and lighting it and saying an incantation out loud, you’re creating that intention subconsciously.

Julianne White is a writer who creates screenplays. She is married to a man named Jeff, a construction director. She is also a part-time witch who assists in teaching women how to cast spells. Many women attend, with backgrounds ranging from organizers to teachers.

Julianne used a spell to get her dream home when it came on the market nine months ago. She drew an invisible pentagram with her finger on the wall of each room for it to be secured for her. She had marked the house as hers. The viewing that was arranged by the estate agents never took place, and the auction was postponed, so the owners accepted their offer. In return, she thanked the universe by making a donation to charity.

Deborah Hyde, the editor of Skeptic Magazine,  studies pseudoscience and the paranormal. She states that while casting a spell can aid you in focusing on what you desire in life, she questions the motive of using them as a “cosmic wishing well.” When a person performs a spell, it is quite clear they are focused on their sought-after outcome. Practicing magic is a useful tool for many people like meditation can be. However, many non-believers still doubt its effectiveness.

Anyone who is doubtful should consider some of the things we all do in everyday life; they might not be that different. Many people go to the supermarket and buy peppermint tea to rest an upset stomach. That’s what being a witch is all about, searching for natural remedies to amend your life and grant you the strength of nature. A spell can be considered a powerful prayer.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News