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A plethora of classic cars goes on auction in Michigan

Ian Harvey

This is no secret that the enthusiasts and collectors will spare nothing when it comes to getting their hands on the vehicles they want. This passion, coupled with the rarity of classic cars, means that these cars often price a fortune; ranging from a few thousand to a million bucks, or even more.

In Michigan, the West Michigan Auction House recieved a call from a family who claimed to have a huge collection of rare classic cars, including lots of Ford Thunderbirds, and that they wanted to have the collection evaluated and sold. The sellers asked not to be named.

 Ford Thunderbird Photo Credit

Ford Thunderbird Photo Credit

Scott Miedema, the COO of said that the find was truly amazing for any classic car enthusiast; is an auction website which is run out of Wayland, Michigan. Miedema said that the owner of the barn met them in a local café, after a brief chat they all headed towards the location of the cars. Once at the location, one of the owners opened the doors to the barn and revealed a plethora of amazing classic cars.

The treasure in the barn contained more than 50 classic cars including a bunch of legendary Ford Thunderbirds from various years, ranging from the 50’s all the way to 70’s. Also amongst the collection was a rare Ford Model B manufactured in 1932, along with a Pontiac Convertible from 1947.

Ford Model B Photo Credit

Ford Model B Photo Credit

Miedema said the most of the cars in the barn were rare and were in absolutely immaculate condition; he added that most of the 50 classic beauties haven’t been driven for over three decades. Miedema compared the scene of the hoard of classic vehicles to reality TV shows like Hoarders and American Pickers.

After the initial awe and shock, Miedema prepared for the transportation of the classic treasures to his location from the barn in Kent County. The cars had been sitting on display since the transfer and have been individually analyzed and prepared before putting them to auction.

Miedema explained that most of their auctions are run online and span over a day starting from 8 am to 7 pm and everyone is welcome to place their bid. They auction house also facilitates the viewing of the cars if someone wishes to visit the showroom and check the cars for themselves.