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$357,000 will buy you a Victorian lighthouse and you can live in it

Ian Harvey
Doug Lee
Doug Lee

An entire lighthouse and its surrounding grounds which was constructed during the 1880s, is now up for grabs. This cozy lighthouse was the design of a famous author’s uncle. It has hit the market for the relatively acceptable price of $357,000

The lighthouse is located on the coast on the northern side of Scotland. Even though the tower is still being used, the surrounding complex has hit the market creating a ripple in the real estate market. The estate up for grabs involved a couple of cottages, a retired motor room, a warehouse and an old stable and storehouse, and a little bit over 25 acres of accompanying estate reports the

The light house construction was finished in 1849 by the man who belonged to a renowned household of engineers and even the famous author of the book called Treasure Island. The grounds are a little more than 15 miles away from John O’Groats, and it is said the lighthouse grounds showcase jaw-dropping scenery.

Even though the homes seem pretty dull, the little piece of history brings with it a beautiful backdrop of the coast and the North Sea.

The lighthouse is one of a baker’s dozen that Alan Stevenson came across over the span of a decade in the 1800s. This is speculated to be the first lighthouse that was constructed with a slanted glass lamp area.

After a series of terrible accidents of ships throughout the coast during the 1800s, this inspired the design of the lighthouse. The poor residents throughout the surrounding land were paid the sum of 3/6d every day to build a road leading to the lighthouse. After a century of service, the light house became machine-controlled during the year 1987 before the land surrounding the light house was bought about six years after the turn of the century.

The Clan Sinclair Trust have owned the lighthouse grounds for a while but have chosen to sell the historical cottages and their surrounding estate so they could continue to preserve the quick degeneration of Castle Sinclair Girnigoe.

The wonderfully built cottage was the standard Stevenson design and is cataloged into Category A with its style taken right out of the influences from Egypt. The white cottage is a Category A listed building, which was constructed and finished with white and orange-yellow trim. At one time it consisted of a dual house. It was recently renovated to become one house that had three bedrooms, a library, a modern kitchen and even a classic dining room and entertainment room. The cottage also features more than one restroom.

The accompanying cottage is not listed but was a later added on to the estate and had four spacious bedrooms. It’s said that this story of Noss Head, the light house estate, makes it one of the most unique homes in Scotland. It may be an unconventional place to live, but the residents will never get bored due to its beautiful and stunning views. The estate was very private and was surrounded by a stone wall that spans across the entire land. This makes for the perfect way to separate the private property from the rest of the fore-land.


Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News