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A giant ruby attracts thousands of wannabe treasure hunters

Ian Harvey
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A ruby that was found in a farm was recently sold for over £5,000. Quickly after, thousands of treasure hunters flooded the local village trying to find their very own buried ruby worth thousands of pounds.

Quickly after the ruby was unearthed, Houzhang village has become quite famous. People have traveled from around the area to dig day and night.

Even though it’s nice for the local village to get some exposure, the quiet town is trying to adjust to the amount of strangers roaming their streets.

It’s affected their market and their way of life and it’s taking a little time to adjust to the temporary residents. And it seems the treasure hunters hunt for “stone” cold cash is just beginning.

Permitting to records, the legend of the 5,000-pound ruby has spread across the country attracting the best treasure hunters in the area. Since June, people have started uncovering rubies, although they are rather small.

This new rumor circling the areas has apparently been a known fact for decades. It’s been said that 40 years previously, a team came to Houzhang village to explore a geological excavation to uncover some gems reports the Peoples Daily Online.

Local farmers are becoming worried that their plantations are in danger of being destroyed.

Trespassing is becoming a worry for the little village who’s struggling to hold to their peaceful way of life.

Thankfully for the tiny village, there is a brief sigh of relief to hold on to their harmonic mountain side. The town has been given some respect through the ban of motor vehicles from entering the mountain areas.

This ban is making it more difficult to access the rubies hidden in the mountains around Houzhang. To ease the pressure even further, reporters are highlighting that the rubies found in the area are tiny. To the villagers delight, most of the rubies that are being found can’t be verified as pure or real due to the size of the gems.

A few stones are being purchased for small amounts of money, but none of the hopeful treasure hunters have discovered the dream of a giant ruby that drove them to the village.

While strangers are still roaming the street, it seems like the peaceful village is slowly but steadily returning back to its roots. As the hunt starts to wind down, the farmers are starting to enjoy their land and their home once more.

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There is more to come, but it looks like the dreams of thousands of ruby hunters have been shattered, and Houzhang is returning to its elegant and scenic vibe.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News