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This “Archaeology Soap” has hidden dinosaurs inside and we totally “dig it”

Alex A

OK, Think Geek did it again. This time it’s not an R2D2 coffee machine but an Archeology Soap with a hidden Dinosaurs inside and we totally “dig it.”

Yes, they rushed up with the name, as paleontology soap would be the perfect word to describe it but nevertheless, this soap is currently the coolest product on the market, especially if you “dig” paleontology.




Archaeology soap..Photo Credit
Archaeology soap with two plastic dinosaurs inside. Photo Credit

Besides the coolness of this product, we love the description created by Think Geek:

“When you have small people in your house, you learn that they manage to accumulate layers of grime, much like the layers of the Earth itself.

Cheerios, sand from the sand box, Elmer’s glue and glitter – you can track back through their day as you bathe them. And getting all those layers off can be a chore akin to moving a mountain “.


Can-you-dig-it..Photo Credit
The package of the Archeology soap with the  slogan “Can-you-dig-it”..Photo Credit

The “archeology soap” is featuring four layers replicating the layers of earth, each of them containing different elements such as pumice and bentonite clay.  The pumice is in the bottom layer while the bentonite clay is in the second, so just like in nature the ground will wear off differently.


Archaeology Soap Additional Image.Photo Credit
Archaeology Soap Additional Image.Photo Credit


The coolest thing about this soap is that inside the 3-inch cube there are the two plastic dinosaurs,which you have to dig for to find them.

Another cool, yet confusing feature, is the scent of dirt combined with peppermint. Other ingredients of the soap are coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, avocado oil, pumice, bentonite clay, coloring, and fragrance.

The Archeology Soap is specially handmade for Think Geek by Outlaw soaps and it’s already out of stock, but we hope they’ll soon have it in stock again.



Dinosaurs-outlaw-soap.Photo Credit
Dinosaurs-outlaw-soap.Photo Credit

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