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Woman Missing for 10 Years Found Living in Internet Cafe

Ian Harvey
Image on left originally via Matt Lyons of ( BNC Cafe Korea 2006
Image on left originally via Matt Lyons of ( BNC Cafe Korea 2006

Xiao Yun’s family had last seen their daughter when she was 14 years old, and they feared she was dead.

Xiao Yun had been missing since 2005, and her family assumed she was dead. In reality she had been living in various Internet cafes in a close city since she left her home in the city of Hengdian, East China. When she was 14, she left after having a heated argument with her mother.

Now at the age of 24, she hugged her mom during an emotional reunion with her parents after she was found in Hangzhou. This is around 100 miles from her parents home. All of her loved ones thought that she had died because she was gone for a decade.

But her location was finally discovered on November 20th after a cop caught her using a fake ID in an Internet cafe located in Hangzhou.

Internet cafe in China Photo Credit
Image originally via Matt Lyons of ( BNC Cafe Korea 2006

Throughout questioning, Xiao Yun confessed that she had lived in several different Internet cafes ever since she left home.

She stated that on occasion she would work in the cafes for cash when players would pay her to play games for them, but primarily she relied on food handouts from strangers. She would also spend her days playing video games online, according to Star Online. She stated that she normally spent the night at the internet cafes or sometimes public bathhouses.

At first, Xiao Yun refused to meet with her parents, but the police officers eventually contacted them and the family was finally reunited over one weekend. Her mom stated that she had a stubborn personality and short temper, so she used to scold her daughter.

Yet it’s been ten years, and she’s now an adult – she’s never going to scold her again. The police fined Xiao Yun $156 for having a fake ID.

Internet cafe Photo Credit
Internet Cafe – By Hachimaki – CC BY-SA 2.0

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It’s not clear if she’s going to move back into her family’s house. Thankfully after so many years the family was able to be reunited. But it’s always sad to hear when families don’t get along; hopefully, this one can work out things for the better.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News