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Odd and strange futuristic predictions

Ian Harvey

Many people make predictions of what the future might hold.  Some are even famous for their predictions, like Nostradamus.  We can predict how life will be by seeing how our civilization has progressed so far.

But there are some predictions that are just straight crazy, bizarre, and very odd indeed.  Here are the ten best future predictions:

10.Bread and coffee will worth like gold

Common food items we see today will be so expensive that only the elite can afford it.  A loaf of white bread would now set you back $8 a loaf and 1 pound of coffee would cost you $25.  However, to make up for wages would increase, with secretaries expecting a hefty wage of $95,000 a year and factory workers looking forward to $197,600 a year.

9.Factories in Space

Space station

Space station

In 1989 in Tokyo, 2,000 experts were asked to predict what life would be like if all the new technologies and innovations were actually developed.  Some of the predictions came true, such as the development of digital communications networks accessible in everyone’s home.

Other predictions from 1989 didn’t even come near to happening.  With a slowdown of the space race, factories did not appear in space to take advantage from the lack of gravity, and other than the small labs on the space station, there has been no move to set up a weightless laboratory.  They also predicted that such diseases as cancer and heart ailments would have been cured; it seems that they are more prevalent than ever.

8.Russian Dam and Ice Cities

The Soviet Union made a filmstrip making predictions for the year 2017 which showed a huge dam connecting Russia with Alaska.  In the polar region, ice-cities were been built and were using the natural heat from the planet’s core to keep the citizens nice and warm.  The West has been defeated, and the Yenisei River and Ob River are both now flowing into the Caspian Sea instead the Arctic Ocean.  The world is a harmonious place.

7.Cheap housing of plastic

Concrete and metal rebar used to build a floor Photo Credit

Concrete and metal rebar used to build a floor Photo Credit

By now, according to some predictions, using natural materials such as wood, brick, and stone would be nearly impossible due to the exorbitant cost.  Houses would be made from plastic, sheets of metal, and aerated clay.  Due to the man-made building material, houses would last only 25 years before having to be torn down and rebuilt.

Our houses would be waterproof and only cost $5,000 to make.  Household items would be minimal, and for those people who loathe washing dishes, dreams will come true by dissolving dishes in a super heated water.  The plastic would be sourced from fruit pips, soybeans, straw, and wood pulp. The versatile wood pulp and sawdust would be converted into sugary foods, and all that excess of rayon underwear we have would become candy.

6.Underwater housing and living with the fish

Inside Hydrolab

Inside Hydrolab

Isaac Asimov, one of the world’s best-known science fiction writers, wrote an essay after visiting the World’s Fair in New York.  In 1964 he predicted what the world would be like in 50 years. He believed that in 2014 mankind would move off the dry land and start colonizing the underwater shelves in our oceans and seas. He predicted that underwater houses would be protected from the weather and have controlled air and lighting.  It would appeal to those who like water sports and would encourage a more efficient exploitation of the food and mineral resources with everything needed on site.

5.Magic nails that can stick anything

Back in 1960, they imagined life in the 1970s to be hugely different.  The American Weekly ran a feature detailing all the marvelous changes that would happen.

One of the most popular ideas was that the roofs on houses would change color depending on the heat of the day and this would be used to help regulate the temperature inside the houses.

Hammers and nails would be replaced by superglue, and it was an amazing superglue too- you could stick a car to a bar of iron, and it would hold its weight.

4.Magically colored highways



An exhibition in Disneyland from the 1950s predicted that a multi-colored highway would be a common sight by now. In order to get where you want to go, you simply need to follow the color strip like it’s done in hospitals.  Radiant heat would keep these roads dry and free of ice and snow.

Furthermore, desert roads would be air-conditioned for the traveler’s comfort.  Tunnels would be made through mountains with the help of atomic reactors, and a specialized road builder would make rough ground into wide finished highways.  Instead of traveling winding roads to get to the tops of cliffs we could tuck our vehicles onto highway escalators and travel with ease wherever we want to.

3.Flying Bicycles for everyone

Bicycle Photo Credit

Bicycle Photo Credit

In 100 years since 1909 cars were predicted to be replaced with flying bicycles, according to the French occultist Henry Antoine Jules-Bois.   He predicted that cities would be business hubs and everyone would live out in the country or in specially created garden cities.  With the flying cars and bicycles and an efficient pneumatic railways, transit time would become unimportant when selecting where to live.

2.Skyscraper Airports

Airport Photo Credit

Airport Photo Credit

Back in the 1920s, it was a popular idea that airports would change drastically and develop into elegant skyscraper airports.  Runways were going to be shared between buildings or to protrude off the tops of them.

It inspired one architect to propose one such creation as something like a giant table with the skyscrapers as the legs and a landing platform on top.  The idea was to help pull more people into a city rather than propagating suburbs, Listverse reported.

1.Mosquito Extinction

The Ladies Home Journal back in the 1900s ran an article that stated in the next 100 years mosquitoes and flies would be almost exterminated.  They firmly believed that the boards of health would be able to handle these pests by draining all still water or chemically treating it.

Here is another story from us: Mother Shipton – the ugliest and most famous English prophetess

However, they also predicted mobile phones and pre-made meals, however.  For the couch potatoes reading this- it seems we would all need to be able to walk 16 kilometers (10 miles) at a time. If you can’t, you will be regarded as a weakling by these fine ladies.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News