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Joe DiMaggio placed a 20-year order of a half-dozen roses to be put on Marilyn Monroe’s grave three times a week

Ian Harvey

Norma Jeane, the famous actress more commonly known as Marilyn Monroe, was married three times. One of her husbands was Joe DiMaggio, a former centerfielder for the New York Yankees.

At first, Marilyn didn’t want to meet DiMaggio, thinking that he was a stereotypical arrogant athlete. Her opinion obviously changed with time, before they eloped at San Francisco City Hall on 14 January 1954.

Monroe and Joe DiMaggio after getting married at San Francisco City Hall in January 1954; they separated nine months later. Photo Credit

However, even if they looked perfect together, their marriage was far from perfect. After the famous skirt scene in The Seven Year Itch was filmed on 14 September 1954, an incident between the couple occurred. It’s assumed that the couple had a shouting match in the theater lobby. A month later, the couple divorced. Marilyn’s attorney filed for divorce on grounds of mental cruelty only nine months after the wedding.

Posing for photographers while filming the subway grate scene for The Seven Year Itch in September 1954. Photo Credit

After divorcing Marilyn, DiMaggio quit drinking, went into therapy, and expanded his interests beyond baseball.

He was also considered as a womanizer at the time because of the rumors that liked him to many famous women. He denied any involvement with them.

DiMaggio kisses his bat in 1941, the year he hit safely in 56 consecutive games. Photo Credit

Joe started to see Marilyn again after her unsuccessful marriage with Arthur Miller. He secured her release from Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic and she joined him in Florida where he was a batting coach for the Yankees.

Despite all rumors about the famous couple getting back together, Monroe and DiMaggio claimed they were ‘just friends’. However, the famous athlete quit his job on 1 April 1962 because he wanted to ask Marilyn to remarry him again.

Before deciding this, he was alerted that she started hanging around with people that DiMaggio felt were detrimental to her well-being. Unfortunately for him and her fans, she was found dead in her home in Los Angeles on 5 August 1962. According to the investigation and toxicology report, the cause of death was acute barbiturate poisoning.

Front page of the New York Daily Mirror on August 6, 1962. Photo Credit

Her body was claimed by DiMaggio, who also arranged the funeral at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, barring Hollywood’s elite.

Besides the investigation and toxicology report, many believe Marilyn Monroe was murdered.

In one of her last photo shoots, by George Barris for Cosmopolitan in July 1962. The shoot was part of a campaign to counter the negative publicity resulting from her being fired by Fox. Photo Credit

According to DiMaggio’s son, she sounded well on the phone as they spoke on the night of her death. DiMaggio refused to talk about her in public but his actions spoke more than words could.

He placed a 20-year order of a half-dozen roses to be placed on Monroe’s grave three times a week. With this gesture, he showed that he truly loved and respected Marilyn.

Monroe’s crypt at the Westwood Memorial Park. Photo Credit

However, as they say, some people never truly die because they continue living in the hearts of the people who loved them.

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And Marilyn will live in the hearts of her fans forever.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News