Miners have excavated a huge jade stone that is worth $170 million

Ian Harvey
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A massive chunk of jade stone has been excavated in Burma, the Southeast Asian country also known as Myanmar.

This finding was made in a remote mine located in Kachin State in the northern part of the country. The stone measures 19 feet long and weighs 192 tons, as reported by the BBC. It’s believed to be worth $170 million.

It’s not clear if a single stone of this magnitude has ever been discovered before, but it’s in the same league as other geological wonders.

An example would be the world’s second largest diamond, which was actually discovered last year. Also, there is a rare violet diamond that miners recently excavated in Australia.

U Tint Soe, a local politician, stated that it’s a present for the fate of their citizens, the government, and their party as it was found in the time of their government. It’s a very good sign for them.

The stone has been reported to be heading to China, where it will be carved into sculptures and jewelry.

The name jade can be applied to two different types of metamorphic rock; nephrite and jadeite. This discovery is thought to be a jadeite rock. The two types are alike in appearance and are used for ornamental purposes. They have a different chemical and physical compositions, but jadeite is the most valuable of the two. It’s extremely challenging to tell the difference just by a visual inspection.

In an uncut, untreated form, the vibrant green of the stone is hard to see, and it looks like a pretty ordinary, dull rock with a darker green tinge. But after it has been polished and chiseled, it will look glassy and green, IFLScience reported.

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Around 70 percent of the world’s high-quality jadeite is believed to have come from Myanmar and this makes up around half of their domestic product. Unfortunately, the multi-billion dollar trade is filled with crime, government corruption, and environmental destruction.