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Today In History: May 12th, 1967

Photo Credit: Movie Stills DB
Photo Credit: Movie Stills DB

Cher Makes Her Leading Lady Debut in Good Times

May 12th, 1967, stands as a significant date in the world of entertainment, marking the release of the musical comedy western Good Times by Columbia Pictures. This star-studded film boasted an ensemble cast including the beloved duo Sonny & Cher alongside acclaimed actor George Sanders. However, what makes this release particularly noteworthy is that it marked Cher’s first starring role in a feature film, signaling a significant expansion of her career beyond her already flourishing music endeavors. Adding to the significance of Good Times is the fact that it served as the directorial debut of William Friedkin, who would later become renowned for his groundbreaking work in Hollywood.

sonny and cher in 1967 good times film scene
Sonny Bono and Cher perform on stage in a scene from the film ‘Good Times’, 1967. (Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)

Good Times was a movie that mixed comedy, music, and western themes. Cher’s first big role in a film made it even more special, adding energy and charm. With Sonny & Cher’s music, the movie became even more captivating. It was directed by William Friedkin, his first time directing a movie. Even though some critics didn’t like it when it came out, Good Times really connected with what was happening in the late 1960s. It depicted love, adventure, and friendship in a fun way that people all over the world loved. The songs by Sonny & Cher in the movie made it even better. People still love and remember Good Times today because it’s a reminder of how movies and music can make us feel.

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Over the years, Good Times has maintained its status as a notable entry in the filmographies of its cast and crew. Cher’s debut as a leading lady marked the beginning of a successful acting career that would see her become an Academy Award-winning actress. Similarly, William Friedkin’s directorial debut paved the way for his future success in Hollywood, where he would go on to helm iconic films such as The French Connection and The Exorcist. As we commemorate May 12, 1967, let us celebrate the lasting legacy of Good Times and its enduring influence on the world of entertainment.

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