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Jane Seymour Sets the “Record Straight” About Plastic Surgery

Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Jane Seymour has aged with beauty and grace, preferring to avoid cosmetic procedures rather than give in to them as she gets older. Part of this is her healthy lifestyle which has allowed her to stay healthy. Additionally, She has her own ways of maintaining her youthful appearance, which she shared in an interview with People magazine.

Seymour doesn’t want plastic surgery

Headshot of Jane Seymour.
Jane Seymour on April 27, 2024, in Hollywood, California. (Photo Credit: Steve Granitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images)

Seymour is now in her 70s and does not intend on getting any permanent cosmetic procedures done. There was, however, one point where surgery did come up for her. “To set the record straight — because people were getting it wrong — they attempted to do something to my under-eyes when I was 40 because photographers kept saying that I had bulgy eyes,” she explained. “The doctor told me it’s actually a muscle, so there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Despite never having had any serious work done to fix her “bulgy” eyes, she said that she has still had “quite a good career,” adding that she never wants to “do anything permanent.” One of her reasons for avoiding intense cosmetic procedures has to do with the roles she’s been playing. “I’ve been playing a lot of amazing roles, recently two women with Alzheimer’s with very emotional scenes, and if you’re going to be that emotional, you need every muscle in your face,” she said.

“So I have nothing against people doing anything they want to do, but for me personally, it is not helping me in my craft, unless I’m playing somebody who’s had Botox, in which case, I would be all over it.” Instead, she has a useful trick to keeping herself looking young and fresh: smiling. “The best facelift is a smile,” Seymour explained. “If you want to look young, just smile from ear to ear.”

A near-death experience made her change her ways

Jane Seymour with shadows across her face.
Jane Seymour in 1988. (Photo Credit: ABC Photo Archives / Disney General Entertainment Content / Getty Images)

Back in 1988, Seymour had a brush with death that changed her whole outlook on life. During filming on a set in Spain, she got a bad case of bronchitis, and when the nurse went to inject her with antibiotics, they injected her vein and not her muscle. She almost died from the mistake.

“When I nearly died and I saw the white light, a couple of really big things happened there. I remember looking down at me and I was just right there in the corner of the room, looking down at this guy screaming and yelling and trying to inject me with things and we can’t find an ambulance,” she said. “I didn’t connect emotionally at all, but I did intellectually. It occurred to me that this [body] was like a car and it wasn’t running, so when I did get back in my body, I just valued the car. Your car is only as good as you keep it, if you can do something to keep it good, keep it running, then yes.”

She maintains a healthy lifestyle

Headshot of Jane Seymour smiling.
Jane Seymour on May 22, 2024, in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo Credit: Kayla Oaddams / WireImage / Getty Images)

Now, Seymour maintains a healthy lifestyle through both her diet and exercise. For the former, she sticks to a Mediterranean diet while also practicing intermittent fasting. “I actually really like healthy food,” she said, a lot of which she gets from the food she grows in her garden. “I [also] drink wine… but sometimes I just don’t drink, for no reason other than it’s caloric and I like being very clear-headed.”

For exercise, she practices different training techniques “very carefully so I don’t hurt my back or my legs.” She continued saying, “I incorporate weights into whatever I’m doing because I think a lot of women think that if they go for a run or do a booty burn or something, that that’s enough. I think at our age, it’s proven that bone loss is what you have to be careful of. I’ll never be Arnold Schwarzenegger or a bodybuilder, but I’m now an 8-to-10-lbs. person.”

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However, she isn’t too strict about her diet or exercise, saying that she just likes to feel healthy. “For me, it’s a high. For me to feel that my body works and I can do this show and I can jump off things and climb through things and work a good 12 hours without pausing, I’m eternally grateful for it.”

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