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Thinking of starting a collection? Here are some of the most unusual

Ian Harvey

Most people collect something, whether it’s stamps, mugs, hats or even cars! But for those of us who like to have a collection made up of something a little different here are a few examples of the most unusual collectibles.

Antique Silver – silver is everywhere from family hand-me-downs to the cutlery in your kitchen draw. But that which is valuable and sought after can also be found on online auction sites, as well as antique centres, as well as pawn shops. Many people collect silver, but if you aim for one specific silver item that’ll make your collection more valuable such as spoons, teapots or jugs.


Coca-Cola Bottles and Merchandise – anything from Coca-Cola’s huge merchandise collection is worth holding on to. Particularly in demand is vintage merchandise from the early years. It’s a global brand and known throughout every country in the world, from classic glass bottles, to beach towels, t-shirts and fridge magnets you can find as many different accessories as there are flavours.

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Pressed Coins – pressed coin slot machines are available all over, and you can choose bespoke designs. They can be creative and unique, so make a change to regular coin collections.

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Salt and Pepper Shakers – these are easy to find and fun to collect. The pair of dinner time staples come in so many different designs and materials, you could even collect a certain theme or line of salt and pepper shakers.

Buddhas or other Deities – Buddha ornaments have become trendy in the home décor world. But if you go back in time the Buddha has been available for centuries in many different materials, designs, and positions. Other deities from Hinduism or other religions make a really interesting collection, as well as giving you lessons in history and culture as you go.

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Collect an Animal – animal-themed objects are a great way to embody your favourite animal in a collection. These could be cards, pictures, key-rings, images, ornaments, and even furniture. Popular animal-themed collections include elephants, cats, pandas and even frogs. (Listverse)

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Autographed Books – first edition books are highly rare especially if they are historical, but what about those books which have been autographed by the author. These can be just as special but might be easier to get hold of, especially in more modern novels.

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Trading Cards – cards for sports, games or even products are available to collect and trade with other people. Collecting favourite sports teams can be a great way to revel in your favourite past time. Trading can be heaps of fun too and getting to know other people with the same interests as you. Watch out since unique or special edition cards can get very expensive.

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Lunchboxes – remember those days of heading to school with your favourite cartoon character or toy on your lunchbox? Well so do lots of other people and collecting these boxes, especially vintage ones has become a craze.