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Vintage Photos that Reveal Stories of Amtrak in the Early Days

Neil Patrick

Amtrak is one of the biggest railroad corporation operating in Canada and the United States. The company first operated in May 1, 1971. Let us look at the interesting stories about the company captured and told in these 16 beautiful vintage photographs.




The railroad services stopped due to financial woes and government regulation. However, government funding assured the resurrection of the railway with Amtrak takeover in 1971.





Amtrak provided railroad service intercity across the United States. This is one of the best GG1 locomotives of the company restored to its former glory.




Amtrak trains traveled a network map composed of 23 planned routes in 43 states. After a year, the company started reaching out to Canada.




Amtrak publicized wide lounge cars which offered food, drinks, and opportunities to know new acquaintances. But, an archived photo reveals a whole different story.




This photograph documents one of AMTRAK’s most serious accidents during the early years. The derailed trucks still boasted of the company’s original colors.


1974 renovation


Amtrak, the company that shouldered the intercity railway service in 1971, spent $550 million for new facilities. This is one of the photographs of their headquarters in Washington depot doing upgrading of the Coast Starlight Passenger Train in 1974. Costly, but paid off.


Amtrak Via Detroit NEws 1974


The famous Candy Price in a groundbreaking ceremony breaks a champagne bottle in this photograph. The ceremony is in line with the celebration of the first run of the Empire State Express of Amtrak in 1974.


Amtrak AdVia

After several bad publication and complaints of unsatisfied clients, Amtrak released a series of ads by Ted Bates advertising agency in New York. The ad was released for the Chicago audience between 1971 to 1973. This photograph shows a female service crew of the Amtrak trains. The service representative wears an official red uniform with white strip of Amtrak and holds the copy of the new timeline of the company.


Amtrak Georgians happy


“Sleek and silvery Amtrak streamliner”, the Peanut Special made many of the Georgian clientele satisfied with its sleepers, lounge car, kitchen dormitory and sleeper-lounge. The cars were specially hand-picked from private companies, most of which were of the Heritage Fleet.


Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News