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15 ‘classic games of the 1990s’ available for iPhone

Take a break from Candy Crush and Angry Birds and indulge into some real ‘gaming experience’ from the good old past. Ride on a time machine and experience the wisdom and glory of all the forefathers of modern gaming platforms. The following are 15 of the 1990s’ classic games, which you can enjoy on your iPhone, and travel back through time in an instant.


Final Fantasy

Squaresoft released Final Fantasy in 1987 for Nintendo;  it became a standard in fantasy role-playing and has remained one ever since. The most recent instalments of Final Fantasy are customised for IOS, with slick graphics and a user-friendly interface.


Street Fighter II Collection


There is no second opinion over the status of Street Fighter II among fighting games, because it clearly set the foundation stone for this genre in the ‘90s. In a matter of seconds, your iPhone will be transformed into an arcade while playing this ‘granddaddy’ of fighting games.



You can now enjoy this grotesque alien-slaughtering Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) classic on your iPhone, and it will be the original first edition.


Chrono Trigger

Recently made available for iPhone, this time-travelling and world-saving adventurous game will take you right back to 1995, when it was first launched for Super Nintendo. (Mashable)


Duke Nukem 3D

One of the very first games to kick-start a controversy regarding its adult themes, Duke Nukem 3D can now be played in all its ‘90s glory.


Earthworm Jim

Launched in 1994, Earthworm Jim quickly gained the status of a cult favourite in matter of few years. With its unique cartoon-graphics, along with its humorous tones and really smooth and fluid animation, this Sega Genesis classic will surely make you fall even deeper in love with your iPhone.


Final Fight

Nothing beats Final Fight when it comes to sweeping the streets clean of dangerous gangs and ‘totalling’ their vehicles with the bare hands. It is now available on IOS.



This equally thrilling and frustrating 1997 puzzle sequel to Myst will blow your mind away. A perfect match for your iPhone from the ‘90s, it will prove more addictive than a lot of modern puzzle games.



One of the earliest ‘weapon rewarding’ action adventures, MEGA MAN X was first made available for SNES in 1994. Every level rewards the players with a new weapon that helps them to conquer and continue to the next level. This action platformer can now be played on iPhones with all its excitement and glory.


Golden Axe

One of the arcade classics, Golden Axe made its appearance in Sega Genesis in 1989. A combination of modern graphics with medieval warfare, stabbing and slashing dragons and evildoers, Golden Axe is readily available on IOS, with a multiplayer option available through Bluetooth.


Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana attracted scores of players with its deep levels and pretty engrossing story. First arriving on the scene in 1993 (on SNES), this eye-catching classic is now available for iPhones, though without a multiplayer option.


The Simpsons Arcade

The popularity of ‘The Simpsons’ in the ‘90s is undeniable, and its appearance in an array of arcade games was inevitable. Slightly removed from the actual plot of the show, ‘The Simpsons Arcade’ is a sort of Street Fighter spin-off featuring the Simpsons; but it is a lot of fun and a must-have on iPhones.


Sonic the Hedgehog

One of the ‘super-fast’ ‘90s classic, Sonic the Hedgehog is all about a really fast hedgehog collecting valuable golden rings while spinning through an array of levels. This 1991 Sega Genesis classic has been made available on IOS for you to have a taste of the ‘90s.



One of the first comic-book theme-based ‘beat-em-up’ adventures kept scores of players stuck to the arcades when it was first launched. Now you can select your favourite mutant on your iPhone and enjoy this X-Men classic.


Wolfenstein 3D

Who doesn’t like taking a few ‘digital shots’ at Nazis lurking in the corners? This ‘grand daddy’ of ‘first-person shooter’ games will make your iPhone even more lovable. For a very small price, you can enjoy the origin of shooter games and enjoy destroying some evil Nazis on the way.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News