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1950s Inspired Christmas Gifts

Neil Patrick


Christmas is the best time to give gifts as a sign of appreciation to loved ones. If you are having trouble choosing gifts to give this Christmas, why not look into these 1950’s inspired tokens.

In the 50s, the world started to rise from its modest post-WWII beginnings. It was the period of pop, rock n’ roll and jazz. It was the period of dainty high heels and dresses. It was the time of cocktails and tasty treats and family bonding in front of the television. It was a time of renaissance of technology, inventions, food and parties. Here is our list of 50s inspired Christmas Gifts for you to choose from.

1. Vintage Watches

1950 Bulova Excellency [Via]

Stylish and elegant, vintage watches from the 50’s are perfect to give this Christmas. Digital watches may be popular nowadays with their many apps and conveniences. Plus, digital watches are really quite accurate. However, there are days when you simply want to slip on a stylish watch that you ticks and that you can wind. You can scout in some antique shops and you are sure to find some treasures worth giving.

2. Books

Corning Museum of Glass Rakow Library in 1951 [Via]

The 1950s also saw the revival of many collection of books. These include books with science fiction and magical realism themes. There are also some highly interesting political books. You are sure to make a bookworm out of your recipient if you choose from among a variety of 50s books including the favorites from J.R.R. Tolkien, J.D. Salinger, Robert Sheckley, Ray Bradbury and C.S. Lewis. There are also many lovable books from children from this decade. So what are you waiting for? Hit the nearest bookstore or vintage and antique store.

3. 1950s Hand Bags

1950s hand bags in reptile skin and scarf accents [Via]

The 1950s hand bag was a fad during the days. And it still continues to land in the fashion scene every time being very convenient and lady-like. The 1950s clutch bag, in particular, was made of leather and came in different colors. Contemporary versions are also available inspired by the decade. Check out some of the hand bags in tan and navy inspired with vintage touch of the decade. They are perfect for casual as well as formal occasions such as weddings.

4. Underwear

Underwear that fits a variety of shapes and sizes [Via]

The 1950s underwear were quite exciting. The male underwear were usually cotton boxer shorts and briefs designed for comfort. Female underwear came in a variety of collections and styles to give the woman the right curves at the right places. And they came in silk, lace and sheer cloth.

5. Music

Collection of Music from the 50s [Via]

Pop was popular in the 50s. So was rock n’ roll by the mid 50s. There were also jazz hits that could be traced back to the decade. Music was booming during that time. So if you are still thinking about what to give this Christmas, why not wrap an album from Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley. You can also throw in some music from Doris Day or Frankie Lane. Or you can choose a collection of famous songs from various artists. You will surely not run out of choices from these timeless classics.

6. Cosmetics

1950s Cosmetic Company Max Factor Ad [Via]

If you want your female friend to get something special this Christmas, try choosing from among the 50s inspired cosmetics. Red lips, rouge, flattering lashes and brows that match lovely curls — this was the look of the 50s and the look that makes a comeback today. So who says the vintage look is history? Throw in some vibrant colors into the makeup kit including fiery reds and burgundies.

7. Art from the 50s

“Frankenthaler Helen Mountains and Sea 1952” [Via]

Vintage popular art defined the 50s. These include paintings, prints, toys and other collectible items. You can pick up some collectibles from art galleries and shops from artists like Jackson Pollock and Frank Stella. You can choose some 50s inspired textiles as well.

8. Knitting

Romantic Timeless Knit Reminiscent of the 1950s Easter [Via]

Knitting continued until the post war era. Handknit sweaters, gloves, hats, and bags. The 50s inspired handknits still continue to flourish today. You can find some of the best shops that provide vintage and original designs.

9. Drinks

Vodka Gimlet, A Popular Cocktail Drink From the 1950s [Via]

The 50s was popular for the cocktail parties and drinks including martinis, gimlets and bellinis. Vintage stores have an extensive collection of drinks from the decade including those from popular brands of today such as Johnny Walker. And cocktails were part of dinner in the 50s. So, you can always give an alcoholic addition to your planned Christmas dinner with friends.

10. Treats from the 1950s

Panama City Bed and Breakfast 50s inspired [Via]

Christmas is all about treats. Some sweet treats could be traced from the 1950s. Some shops also continue to sell these treats. You can also make your own following the recipes from the decade.




Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News