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Why Growing up in the 1980s in Britain Rocked

Neil Patrick


The generation of today may think of themselves lucky with all the conveniences offered to them. But those who grew up to experience the 1980s can only smile and claim themselves luckier.

Well, there will surely be a heated debate on the issue. So we listed down several reasons why the 80s can bring about such euphoric nostalgia. It is quite a long list given the lots of choices and reasons why we wanted so much to just invent a time machine and live the 1980s all over again. Here are some of them.





B-boying or Breakdancing… So many who dared and so many bones broken. But, it was freedom “breaking” to the beat coming from the cassette player.




The duo started in English soil and during the 80s. In just five years, the group sold about 25 million copies of their album. George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley blew the roof.




Donkey Kong, Pacman, Ping Pong and Tetris — these were the games played at home and in arcades then. And it survived to now. How time and money went by so fast in these places.

PEZ Sweet Dispensers



These tiny candy dispensing collectibles which come in a variety of “heads” were must haves. Simply a small token of fun you must have in your bag or pocket or in your collection.




The queen herself and her nothing-seen-before performances changed the world. She showed that world that being a naughty girl is in. She wore bra or corsette in public. She rolled around the stage with male performers. She chewed gum. Her performances were jaw-dropping.

Trivial Pursuit

trivial pursuit


A board game which did not involve scheming to become the Monopoly Millionaire. But, it did challenge the wit and the sharpness of memory. It was a fun game trying to brilliantly surpass your adversaries or getting stuck trying to figure out the scientific names.


Slush Puppie

slush puppy


Brain freeze was not invented today. In the 80s, we went for the Slush Puppies. Slush Puppie also came in bubble gum.





For the British children and the children at heart, Neighbours was a must-watch in the 1980s.





From when children started to watch TV to the nearly blind, the Autobots and Decepticons gathered eager audiences with their never-ending epic battle between good and evil.





Before the MP3, there was the Walkman and tapes.

Torvill and Dean

Torvill and Dean


Figure skating with the highest score recorded, the pair made art on ice. They were a dramatic graceful sensation to watch.


The Rubik’s Cube



The magic cube could be traced back to the 70s. But hell, it was a craze in the 80s. And we went crazy trying to put those colors all together in one side of the cube. How hard could it be?

Sun In

sun in


Instant blond hair in a package. Almost everyone everywhere sported light hair. Especially girls after seeing Madonna.



he man


“By the power of Greyskull!” He-man with his superhuman strength and the masters of the universe save the day!


Smash Hits

smash hits


You got to have this stashed somewhere. In your pack, under your bed, in your living room, in your locker. Every British kid never had enough scanning the read.


The Adventure Game

the adventure game


Thrilling, fun and never boring with each series. Complete the tasks or fail to return to Earth.


BMX Bikes



You either use it to school or anywhere or go extreme with it. This was one of our favorite ways to kill time. And we had so much fun.


The Young Ones



It made everyone young laughing at the jokes. Some of us were too young to understand them. But it was trippy.


Digital Watches

digital watch


Digital watch or calculator? They were trendy and really useful back in the days.





Who was not addicted to this group in the 1980s. They were a good-looking bunch who played good music. They naturally hit music television.

The Royal Wedding

royal wedding



Prince Charles and Lady Diana — Theirs was a fairytale story. Although, the ending wasn’t really the “happily ever after”, the whole world watched and was driven to tears watching the pair on the day they said “I Do’s”.


These are only some of the reasons why it was great growing up in the 80s. The movies, magazines, food and stuff the 1980s was made of were one of a kind. And we have many more we forgot to put in our list reasons to wanna be stuck in that decade.