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20 Strange Vintage Products Ever Invented

Neil Patrick

We love vintage. And we love strange vintage products. People before sure have some odd inventions back in the old days that are certified to induce some laughs after reading about them. You can laugh at them. But seriously? They once existed.

However, some of the vintage products and inventions that were enjoyed by your grandfather may not have survived to the future. Well, you can say there are some new versions of these products. At least modern man tried to sell some of these stuff today. But, they definitely are not the same. We picked out 20 of these products.


1. Life-size Doll with Free Trial Period Offer



You definitely see some of these inflatables today. They come in different forms, costumes and usage. But they definitely do not come with a free 10 day trial period like this vintage doll.


2. Fly Gun

fly gun


Just be careful where you point and shoot it. The gunshot can be indiscriminate especially if the owner is armed and dangerous. And there is a pistol too. We sure would like to own one.


3. Perfume Hummingbird Tamers



There are some hobbies. And then there once was hummingbird taming… with perfume… and honey. One of the vintage products that rarely go unnoticed.


4. Cigarette Holder Hat

cigarette holder had


So you want have to fish for one in your pocket or bag or somewhere else every time.


5. Injectable Whole Opium



Some people have other ways to get the poppy juice into their system. Not the usual way. Fortunately, this product was banned to the public in the 60’s for its toxicity.


6. Hangover Heaven

hangover heaven



So you could still look fresh even after a sleepless night of party and booze. Many of us today would really need this quick fix. If it was still around.


7. Gum Massager

gum massager


You don’t have to stick your own finger into your mouth for your gums to stay healthy. Thanks to this handy invention.


8. Orgy



It is an indoor game. Nothing more to it really.


10. Horse Exercise At Home

horse exercise at home


Who says you need to go outdoors to get a horse ride? You can get that country feel at home and go giddy-yap on your own saddle in your own room. Another one of the vintage products that has odd written all over it.

11. Solar Bath

solar bath


To give your head some friendly and healthy sunshine bath.


12. Sanitized Tape Worms



So you won’t have to go on that nasty diet or tiring exercise to get that most coveted slim body. Definitely a sure way to get thin. But seriously?


13. Bradley Group Showers 

bradley group showers


This is one way to save money and conserve time and space.


14. Sunbath Helmet

sunbath helmet


This was invented to protect your face from nasty sunburns.


15. Toothache Drops



And so they say it is. For real. This is one way to put coke into good use.


16. Complete kitchen

complete kitchen



It is fridge. Nope, it is an oven. It is a sink. It is all three in one.


17. Cube Lube

cube lube


It really is quite frustrating trying to figure out the solution to a Rubik’s cube that does not twist easily.


18. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants


This is highly convenient. But definitely not fashionable.


19. Multiple Electric Vibrator



Resolves headaches and relaxes the mind.


20. Macho Cologne

macho cologne


One of amusing vintage products invented. The phallic shape tells it all. It’s macho. It’s B-a-a-a-a-d. And that is good.

Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News