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15 Inappropriate Children’s Books – that haven’t been banned!

Ian Smith

The children literature we know is a world of fairy tale  princesses, cats in a hats and other talking animals. However, we didn’t know that there was a dark world of the vintage children books that educate kid’s of rather inappropriate subjects.

We found a collection of more than bizarre children book with absurd titles and more absurd covers and we are just thankful  that we had read Dr.Seuss instead of these books.

Because Daddy can get mad


For crying out loud

Here comes Nurse Pepper


It’s never to early to be prepared

Just Imagine the fun

Someone please call the department of child protection

Not a goddamn thing

Oh, Golly

Oh, here is a book for some racist ducks

Oh, No She Didn’t

Well, this is just sad

Pre School Businesses Book

Baby What?

Va Va va boom

Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News