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Weird & Funny 70’s and 80’s Prom Photos

Neil Patrick

Everyone loves to have prom photos and everyone loves prom night. But not all got what they have expected and dreamed of.

Prom night… the night every teen looks forward to going and experiencing. Some go to lengths to make the night memorable and extra special with a special someone or with friends. Some go to extra miles to look good. Months before, teens have already planned out the perfect gown or suit and shoes to wear, the hair and make-up to go with the look and the itinerary for the night of party and wild abandon.

But, there are those who go to prom to provide us with captured memories that will surely make us roll on our bellies and laugh. Intentional or not, these people are sure to chase your blues away with these collection of weird and funny prom night pictures.



Big hair, weird haircuts and hairstyles, bad make-ups and really really bad get-ups make us love the 80s more. These people may not really think about how they look. But they sure know how to party.

She could not stop herself from gawking. And we don’t blame her. [Via]

Who says you have to wear a suit and tie to the prom? [Via]

She’s on pretty pink chiffon and he’s taking her on a bike ride. [Via]

We can’t figure out if it’s her hairstyle or if she’s embarrassed. [Via]

It’s prom night? But she thought it was Halloween. [Via]

This is one way to get everyone’s attention at prom night [Via]

Polka dots can bring good luck [Via]

The ruffles and the boots match epic failure [Via]

Going to prom rockin’ and rollin’ [Via]

Big hair was definitely “in”. [Via]


Ruffles and more ruffles, flare pants, dainty floral prints, vintage checkered, plaid and striped prints, bow ties and unruly hairstyles … The 70s prom nights have full of them.

He was happy she said “yes”. [Via]

Men in the 70s know how to take care of their mane. [Via]

Who wants to go to prom with the guy with the mustache? [Via]

More like a wedding picture [Via]

The bow tie is a classic girl magnet [Via]

Plaids in pair can look good [Via]

Going to prom on polyester [Via]

The guy with the 70s bangs and glasses [Via]

Guy makes picture memorable [Via]

The ruffles [Via]

Guess who is in this “embarrassing” photograph? [Via]

Take a look at your prom photos. Maybe you may think you look cool and pretty in them. But, you may not share the same opinion as the future generations. Your prom photos might make it to their list of funniest and weirdest. For now, however, it is our turn to laugh.

Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News