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Vintage Black Hairstyles in Beauty Ads

Neil Patrick

Jet black hair never goes out of style. Since time immemorial, women from all walks of life have gone miles to wear that black crown with pride. Vintage ads of women sporting black hair show that women have always loved the elegant ebony strands to go with that strong yet sophisticated and graceful look.

From straight to curly to shaggy, here are some of our favorite ads of women in black hair from way back then.


Vintage 1968 magazine ad 717 for Raveen Hair and Scalp Conditioner [Via]

Straight black hair has always been and will always be a classic hairstyle. But, not everyone can be endowed with the natural gift of having healthy, straight and long black hair. It may be easier to have your hairstylist work his magic today. But, way back, it took a lot of effort.


1963 Ad [Via]

Vintage black hair looks flattering to the face if you have shiny locks that enhance those curls. And hair conditioning is one of the ways to get the right touch of shine on the curls. Very simple yet elegant.


1950s [Via]


1971 Hair and make-up [Via]


Sporting a black hair can make your face look strong and fierce. One of many favorite tricks of women to soften that strong look is to add some strokes to the brows and lashes for a more feminine effect. And in this case, some lash extensions could do the magic.


Wella Balsam natural hair ad ~ 1970s [Via]

Black and unruly hair was also a fad long before the generation of today were born. Both men and women sport the hairstyle with ease and style. Their hair tip is to stay simple and natural with little enhancement as possible.


A 1961 Dixie Peach advertisement that appeared in Ebony featuring Eileen Mills [Via]

The women in the 60’s were always tagged for their vanity and obsession with looks. They were said to spend most of their time doing their hair, make-up and entire look to perfection. But, it was also the decade of cultural change for women. So think about beautiful women with good looks, perfect black hair and a career.


Vintage Black hair in shoulder length [Via]

The photograph of a woman with big black hair in shoulder length in a classic. And many woman still love to wear their health black strands down with flirty ends to perfectly frame the face.


Vintage Fashion Clips from Black/African-American Publications [Via]

The campaign of “people of color” from the 50’s to the 60’s did not only center on equality and anti-racial discrimination. Campaigns ads from publications also feature the beauties and fashion trends of African-American men and women.

1966 Beauty & Fashion Ad, Ultra Sheen Hair Relaxer, “Visit Your Beautician” Mink Coat Sweepstakes [Via]

Sophisticated, elegant and glamorous — the fashion ads always depict the models in such admirable manner it makes one nostalgic. And it would make you wish you look pampered and treated like the queens in the ads. Such is the promise of beauty products in the commercials.


1966 Beauty Ad, Ultra Sheen Creme Satin-Pres Hair Relaxer, with Pretty Woman [Via]

Short lustrous curls are classic favorites. It may look like its easy to maintain but it definitely isn’t. And women usually need a little help from hair products to get that particularly sweet sheen black hair and look.

1977 hair care [Via]


Everyone gets a bad hair day. And for some women most days, those stubborn strands just won’t cooperate. So instead of looking like popping out of a fashion magazine, you look like you just came out of the royal rumble. But, women way back then have many solutions to tame that hair and style their hair just the way they want it to.


1966 Beauty Ad, Lustrasilk Hair Straightener, “For Hair That Swings” [Via]

Women want to look effortlessly beautiful. And for some, it goes with natural-looking black hair that either rocks or bounces. And to maintain this look it isn’t always “embrace your hairstyle and wear it proudly”. Sometimes, a few fashion tricks up the sleeves would help.


Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News