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Vintage Sexist Ads You Wouldn’t Believed Existed

You know that gender equality was not an issue until women and the LGBT community rose up for their rights. And you know they did fight for their rights because the society was “sexist”. Society did not treat genders equality. And sexist ads existed as evidences of the type of culture that existed before.

Women were already partaking in a variety of endeavor including jobs in factories and sweat shops following the Industrial Revolution just like men. But it was only at the early part of the century when women workers movement really made distinct participation in calls for women’s rights and gender equality. And “woman power” became really highlighted as a major global issue in the 60’s. In the 60’s, women turn from plain housewives to workers and employees. But then again, employment and gender equality did not actually mean one and the same thing. And up to now, sexism and sexist ads continue to linger in workplaces, at school and even homes.

So, we know the society was and still remains sexist. Many men played the dominant, macho role while women were content to play the subdued role existing only to please the alpha male. But, how downright sexist did society get? Here are some sexist ads, that if they existed today, would earn the ire of women’s movement.


We are pretty sure the ad says around the house and not in the floor… below one’s feet/foot. (Via)


Offering smoke to a marine biologist? Not a good idea. [Via]


She simply wasn’t good enough for him. She should clean more and clean herself up more. [Via]


Not just sexist but don’t you see a hint of “green” in this ad? [Via]

Like the ad says, the wife has to be perfect. Even her stockings. [Via]

Well, who keeps his shirt pearly white for the shes to hang around him? His wife maybe? [Via]

In a man’s world, the woman only lives to serve. [Via]


This is pretty hilarious. Except she is crying and not really laughing. [Via]


If she has B.O., she does not get a shot at love. [Via]

To get dates, you gotta have curves that men want. Or forget about it. [Via]

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So keep the food coming, darling. [Via]

There are various reasons why gender violence exists, even petty ones. For example, never give your man flat, stale coffee or you’ll get some pretty nasty spanking. [Via]

Women slave all day to cook food… for men only. Sorry girl. Why don’t you call take out. [Via]


Women like smooth men. But they like responsible, respectful, loving and honest men way way better. Agree? [Via]

Men’s ultimate guide to taming their women. Obviously, the book did not work. [Via]

Trade the potentiality of obesity with various respiratory diseases. At least you get to stay thin. [Via]

If he’s a married man, he sure would get some action…. some legal action. [Via]

Good advice. But, this is not a competition as to which sex spreads disease the most and women won. [Via]

Wives have to keep their men satisfied. [Via]

Women battering was a norm. She asked for it. [Via]


Why does she always get slumped to the floor every time a man wants to advertise his slacks? [Via]

And there is also a justification for wife beating. [Via]

Swim suits are not just for swimming. They are for, as this ad says, beautifying. [Via]

Need I imply more? [Via]

These were some of the really sexist ads that you may find amusing or unbelievable that they existed. But, they did. We may laugh at these kind of advertisements. Some might find them agreeable. But, the movement for gender equality has gone a long way. And as the adage goes, hell knows not a woman’s wrath.


Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News