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Throwback Photos of Holidays and Vacations in the 80’s

We have lined-up a series of throwback photographs of holidays and vacations in the 80’s. So how did they spend theirs way back then?

Some people spend holidays by escaping their regular boring town  and try somewhere new and exciting. Some prefer to hit the nearest beach or resort. Others even go on vacation to other countries to see new sights and experience new culture.

Take a look at these very interesting throwback pictures that will surely make you feel nostalgic of the 80’s.

The Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world and a site to see in a lifetime. [Via]

Storybook land and theme parks were famous among the young and young at heart. [Via]

Arizona was a famous destination for campers. [Via]

A lodge and lake offers a serene view to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. [Via]

Puerto Vallarta and its pristine beaches is the ultimate getaway for LGBTs in the 80’s. [Via]

Disneyland remains a favorite childhood holiday and vacation spot. [Via]

Not a typical holiday or vacation activity but certainly fun and healthy. The 16th Athens Marathon in the 80’s featuring the decade’s short shorts. [Via]

Camp trucks and RVs where famous getaway vehicles. Families and friends can get away and camp anywhere fun. Bruce Jenner shows his tummy and denim shorts 80’s style. [Via]

The traditional way: visit the grandparents, the aunt, uncle or a family… This was the typical holiday and vacation of every family all over the globe then and now. [Via]

White Christmas with Santa [Via]

After seeing the pictures, you might realize, nothing much has changed since the 80’s. Holidays and vacations remain pretty much a family affair and gathering. The hairstyles might not be as big as before and the clothes have definitely upgraded over the years. But the essence of breaking the stressful and boring routine and making fond memories with loved ones are always there when the date in the calendars are marked red.

Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News