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Three German soldiers returning from a recent fight, 1941 – Middle Soldier is Looking Sad & Haunted

Definitely not an arranged or posed picture and therefore a rather rare example. These three men obviously return from a very recent fight, in which the officer in the middle has been wounded on his right hand or arm. Note the blood stains over the uniforms and the very agitated look in their eyes. They don’t seem to like being photographed at this very moment. The men to the side are armed with K98k’s with walnut stocks and flat buttplates, while the officer is carrying an MP38 submachine gun on his shoulder. These are army uniforms, not SS ones, the eagle is on the right chest, not the left upper sleeve. Location unknown.

In this case a picture truly does tell a thousand words. Look at the middle guy’s face, he looks so upset. Imagine almost getting killed, being wounded and likely just returned from intense combat has him pretty shaken. That expression is more likely indicating the loss of a comrade in said battle.

The middle guy is an officer, he has a map, has an officer’s uniform and is holding an MP38 (which was used almost exclusively by officers).

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Sam Dickson

Sam Dickson is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News