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New Video of Ned Kelly’s Life and Controversial Legacy

Steve Palace
The legend of Ned Kelly
The legend of Ned Kelly

Yarnhub a relatively new YouTube channel has been pumping out lots of historical content in a mixture of 2d and 3d.  Recently they tackled the fascinating story of Ned Kelly.

Ned Kelly is one of the most controversial anti-heroes in history. Born in Beveridge town, Victoria in Australia 1854, his parents were John and Ellen Kelly. John, nicknamed “Red”, was an Irish Catholic. He’d been deported Down Under just over a decade earlier. The crime? Stealing 2 pigs.

Yarnhub say Ned Kelly was the original iron man.

Ned’s father made a life for himself as a farmer, raising a family. With Ned barely a decade old, John was locked up again and following release turned to drink.

He developed dropsy and died. Ellen moved with Ned and the boys to Greta in Victoria. Ned grew up against a background of clashes with authority.

Like John, he saw the inside of a prison cell. The young bushranger and robber harbored resentment toward the police, and their pursuit of him would eventually erupt in bloody violence.

Check out the video below

In 1880 Ned and his infamous gang entered the town of Glenrowan, clad in their distinctive armor made from machine parts. The men stormed a hotel, taking 60 hostages.

The resulting siege ended very badly for them. With only Ned left standing, it wasn’t long before he was downed and arrested. Ned died at just 25, hung at Melbourne Gaol. His body was placed in a mass grave.

The story of Ned Kelly took on mythic proportions. For many he summed up Australian independence. 3 major movies have been made about his life, with the role played by charismatic performers.

Mick Jagger portrayed Ned in 1970. Heath Ledger took in the part in 2003. Most recently George Mackay (1917) played Kelly in 2019’s True History of the Kelly Gang.

Some regard him as a hero who stood up against British colonialism. Others think him no better than a criminal.

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When Kelly’s remains were identified and exhumed to be reburied in 2013, old wounds opened up. His grave went unmarked, showing he could still create strong feelings over a century after his death.