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Today In History: April 6th, 1930

Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Twinkies, the iconic American snack, are invented by James Dewar

On April 6th, 1930, an iconic slice of American snack culture was born, thanks to the culinary creativity of James Dewar, a baker for the Continental Baking Company. The Twinkie, a golden, cream-filled sponge cake, quickly went from a simple shelf item to a cultural phenomenon, embedding itself in the fabric of American snacks. Originally filled with banana cream, the recipe switched to vanilla during WWII due to banana shortages, a change that would become permanent and beloved by generations.

Twinkies sitting in front of their packaging.
Hostess Twinkies products are shown sitting in front of their packaging. Photo Credit: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Dewar, looking to utilize idle strawberry shortcake pans during off-seasons, conceived the Twinkie as an affordable, two-for-a-nickel treat. Little did he know, his invention would transcend its modest beginnings to become a symbol of enduring American taste preferences. The Twinkie’s distinctive shape, flavor, and name—inspired by a billboard advertisement for “Twinkle Toe Shoes”—became synonymous with comfort food that could survive the ages (almost literally, given its rumored long shelf life).

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Today, the Twinkie stands as much more than a snack; it’s a piece of culinary history, a survivor of changing food trends, and a testament to the simple joy found in a cream-filled cake. Its journey from Depression-era innovation to snack aisle staple proves that sometimes, the most unassuming creations can achieve legendary status. As we celebrate the invention of the Twinkie, we’re reminded of the sweetness of innovation and the enduring appeal of a classic treat.

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