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Out Of This World Selfie: Buzz Aldrin took the first Selfie in Space in 1966! …

Taking pictures of yourself, commonly referred to as a selfie, has become a popular pastime and social media sensation.

It is has become much easier for people to do, because they have ready and easy access to cameras on their smartphones.

While many people may think their selfies are the best, one of the most spectacular selfies came before the advent of cellphones that has made them so popular.

It came from astronaut Buzz Aldrin during the Gemini mission which took place in 1966.

Buzz Aldrin NASA Astronaut
Buzz Aldrin
NASA Astronaut Photo Credit

The selfie that he took in space became extremely popular and well known before anyone else was taking selfies, and before there were any social media platforms share them on.

Buzz Aldrin was later a member of the NASA Apollo 11 expedition that first landed humans on the moon, and was the second person to set foot on the lunar surface.

Aldrin’s extremely notable selfie was taken in space, with Earth in the background.

He went on to post the photograph to show everybody just who did it best.

first Selfie in Space Photo Credit
First Selfie in Space Photo Credit

While Buzz Aldrin was the first person who took a selfie in space, he was certainly not the last, as he was just the originator of what became quite the growing trend for all of his successors.

The astronauts have different ways in which they take the selfies. Some use another astronaut’s helmet as a means to take a photo of themselves, using the helmet of the other astronaut as a mirror.

People have long been enthralled and fascinated by astronauts because of the view of the world and the universe that they get to see that most people will never really have the opportunity to see.

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As such, astronauts are excited to take these photographs to not only have them of themselves so that they can have these truly unique photos but also as a means to show people a picture of the world that they will most likely never see.

Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News