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Anthony Michael Hall Admits He Got Caught Tyring To Snoop on Beverly D’Angelo’s ‘Vacation’ Nude Scene

Samantha Franco
Photo Credit: Gerardo Mora / Getty Images and Warner Bros. / Flaying / MovieStillsDB
Photo Credit: Gerardo Mora / Getty Images and Warner Bros. / Flaying / MovieStillsDB

There are a lot of memorable moments in the classic National Lampoon’s Vacation, but the nude scenes seem to be some of the more popular ones fans remember. While audiences indulged in naked women from the theater seats, Michael Anthony Hall tried to catch a glimpse of one of the unclothed ladies firsthand, before filming had even finished. While he could’ve just waited to see the scenes once the film had officially been released, it seems that Hall was an impatient and curious teenager.

National Lampoon’s Vacation

The cast of National Lampoon's Vacation waving in front of a car.
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. / Zayne / MovieStillsDB

Michael Anthony Hall hadn’t been working in the acting industry long before he landed a role the role of Rusty Griswold in National Lampoon’s Vacation. It is one of his earliest acting credits, and he was only 15 years old at the time. It helped to open the doors to more acting opportunities for Hall, including landing multiple gigs with director John Hughes, who made Hall a 1980s teenage icon.

The hilarious National Lampoon’s Vacation focuses on the Griswold family as they take a cross-country trip to an amusement park. Along the way, they get into various misfortunes and mishaps that, while a bit extreme, families across America could relate to and laugh at as many have experienced the difficulties of family bonding on a road trip. 

The ladies stripped down

Beverly D'Angelo and Chevy Chase.
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. / classicman / MovieStillsDB

Beverly D’Angelo, who plays Ellen Griswold, wasn’t the only bombshell in National Lampoon’s Vacation. Christie Brinkley also starred in the film, playing the Girl in the Red Ferrari. While the two women had long-running parts in the film, many will say that their most memorable parts were their nude scenes.

During their panel at Fan Expo, both D’Angelo and Brinkley said that it is their nude scenes in the film that fans most often bring up. “I get a lot of guys who say I was the first boobs they saw,” D’Angelo said, while Brinkley explained, “Somebody walked up to my booth yesterday and said, ‘I just love you in the naked scenes.'”

Hall admitted to getting caught

Christie Brinkley in a pool
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. / movienutt / MovieStillsDB

Discussing these scenes led Dana Barron, who played Rusty’s sister Audrey, to reveal that Hall got busted trying to spy on D’Angelo during a shower scene. Hall admitted that this was true, saying, “Should I pick up the story right here? So, I got busted because I tried to sneak onto the set when Beverly was doing the shower scene.”

However, the SAG-AFTRA strikes prevented him from being able to discuss what had happened any further. That didn’t stop Barron from offering some other interesting facts about the film. She explained that Brinkley wasn’t even naked during her nude scene. “Christie wore a suit that made her look nude,” she explained, “but she wasn’t nude because she was, or is, a top model and you don’t want to reveal everything, she used to say.”

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Following that revelation, D’Angelo quipped, “I’m still realizing that I was the only person who was really nude. Now I’m rethinking my whole life.”

Samantha Franco

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