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Billy Baldwin Has “So Much Dirt” on ‘Sliver’ Co-Star Sharon Stone Who Said She Was ‘Pressured’ To Sleep With Him

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures / Zayne / MovieStillsDB
Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures / Zayne / MovieStillsDB

It has been over 20 years since the 1993 thriller Sliver was released, starring Sharon Stone and Billy Baldwin. Now, each is recounting their experiences while filming the movie, and they certainly aren’t the fondest of memories. It definitely doesn’t seem like things were left on good terms.

Stone says a producer pressured her

Stone first revealed that she was pressured to sleep with her co-star in her 2021 memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice, but chose at that time not to name those involved. However, after sitting down for The Louis Theroux Podcast, Stone had no problem name-dropping the person responsible for pushing her to sleep with Baldwin. She explained that it was former Paramount Pictures chief Robert Evans, who died in 2019.

Sharon Stone and Billy Baldwin sitting across from one another.
Sharon Stone starred alongside Billy Baldwin in the 1993 film Sliver. (Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures / Zayne / MovieStillsDB)

“[Evans is] running around his office in sunglasses explaining that he slept with Ava Gardner and I should sleep with Billy Baldwin, because [then] his performance would get better,” she said. “If I could sleep with Billy, then we’d have chemistry on screen and save the movie. The real problem was me because I was so uptight, and not like a real actress who could just f*** him and get things back on track. The real problem was I was such a tightarse.”

It wasn’t like this for Basic Instinct

Stone was no stranger to sex scenes on the silver screen. In fact, just a year prior to Sliver‘s release in 1993, she starred alongside Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct. At the time of the film’s release, nudity and sexual content were not commonplace in television and film, so the sex scene in the movie was considered rather taboo. It eventually had a profoundly negative impact on Stone’s personal life, but still, she explained that she was never told she had to have sex with Douglas to nail the scene.

Close-up of Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas dancing together, looking at one another.
Sharon Stone performed sex scenes in Basic Instinct with Michael Douglas. (Photo Credit: Sony Pictures / Carolco Pictures / TriStar Pictures / Zayne / MovieStillsDb)

“I didn’t have to f*** Michael Douglas. Michael could come to work and know how to hit those marks, and do that line, and rehearse and show up,” she explained. “Now all of a sudden I’m in the ‘I have to f*** people’ business.”

Baldwin spoke out online

After learning of Stone’s comments, Baldwin himself took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to give his own recollection of working with Stone. “Not sure why Sharon Stone keep talking about me all these years later?” Baldwin wrote. “Does she still have a crush on me or is she still hurt after all these years because I shunned her advances?”

Sharon Stone and Billy Baldwin sitting on a bed in 'Sliver'
Baldwin was not happy to hear of Stone’s recollection. (Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures / murraymomo / MovieStillsDB)

In his statement, he alleged that he pleaded with Evans to choreograph a sex scene with Stone so that he would not have to kiss her.

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“I have so much dirt on her it would make her head spin but I’ve kept quiet. The story of the meeting I had with Bob Evans imploring him allow me to choreograph the final sex scene in the photo below so I wouldn’t have to kiss Sharon is absolute legend. Wonder if I should write a book and tell the many, many disturbing, kinky and unprofessional tales about Sharon? That might be fun,” he wrote.

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