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Today in History: May 22nd, 1992

Photo Credit: Alice S. Hall / NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Alice S. Hall / NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

Johnny Carson’s Final Appearance as the Host of The Tonight Show

On May 22, 1992, something big happened in the world of television. Johnny Carson, who was considered a king of late-night TV, said goodbye to his show, The Tonight Show. This truly marked the end of an era, as Carson had been the host of the show for a whopping 30 years. By this point, he wasn’t just a TV host; he was a legend.

Johnny Carson sitting on a stool.
Johnny Carson during his final episode as host of “The Tonight Show.” (Photo Credit: Alice S. Hall / NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images)

The last episode of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was truly a special event as a boat-load of stars joined him on-screen to say goodbye. People like Robin Williams, Bette Midler, and others shared stories and reminisced with the host, making the episode both enjoyable and sentimental. Unsurprisingly, in his goodbye speech, Carson got a bit emotional, thanking everyone who helped him during his time on the show. Then, he closed the episode with his final words, “I bid you a very heartfelt goodnight.”

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Carson’s final episode had a huge audience of approximately 80 million viewers, and after decades in the business, people all over the country were sad to see him go. He was never just a funny guy; he was also an inspiration to other comedians and TV hosts who came after him, like his successor, Jay Leno. His show was a big part of American culture, and Carson’s influence is still felt today.

Johnny Carson’s final goodbye was a special moment in television history that we won’t forget. He passed away in 2005, but his legacy lives on, and his impact on late-night television is still felt today.

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