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20 Years After Quitting Acting, Bridget Fonda Has No Interest in Returning to Hollywood

Photo Credit: 	
Art Linson Productions /  murraymomo  / MovieStillsDB
Photo Credit: Art Linson Productions / murraymomo / MovieStillsDB

Bridget Fonda was working non-stop in the 1990s, starring in a slew of films that earned her significant praise and popularity as an actress. She comes from a family of Hollywood royalty, so her eventual decision to step away from acting came as a surprise to many. After staying out of the public eye for several years, she has momentarily resurfaced, letting everyone know she has no intention of returning to her former life.

Fonda was a rising star in Hollywood

The Fonda family (Peter, Jane, and Bridget) at an event in 2008
Peter Fonda, Jane Fonda, Bridget Fonda and Troy Garity pose for a family portrait inside the Three Generations of Fonda on Film benefit at the Woodruff Arts Center on May 13, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo Credit: Ben Rose/WireImage)

Fonda comes from a line of successful actors and actresses in Hollywood. Her grandfather was Oscar-winning Henry Fonda, her father was Easy Rider actor Peter Fonda, and her aunt is Klute actress Jane Fonda. With that heritage, it’s no wonder that Fonda got involved in the family business herself.

Outside of some acting credits when she was really young, Fonda began her career in the late 1980s and the young talent showed real promise. She was even nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best Supporting Actress category for her role in the 1989 drama, Scandal.

A successful career

Bridget Fonda in a 'Single White Female' publicity still
Bridge Fonda in a publicity still for Single White Female (Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures / zs93 / MovieStillsDB)

In the ’90s, she was cast in a string of popular movies. Her biggest role on the silver screen was as the lead character, Allison Jones, in the 1992 thriller, Single White Female. She also starred in a number of other films, including Point of No Return (1993), The Road to Wellville (1994),  and Jackie Brown (1997).

Fonda’s appearances on screen began to taper off as the 2000s approached, but her acting career would ultimately come to an end rather quickly. Her final acting credits included the 2001 film The Whole Shebang and the 2002 television movie Snow Queen.

Marriage and a life-changing accident

Bridget Fonda and her husband, Danny Elfman
Bridget Fonda and Danny Elfman during 15th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala-Arrivals at Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, California, United States. (Photo Credit: Barry King/WireImage)

In 2003, Fonda married film composer Danny Elfman, and in 2005, the two welcomed their son, Oliver. This significant change in her life may have been a major factor in her decision to step away from Hollywood as she shifted her focus on her family.

Additionally, in 2003, she was involved in a very serious car accident that saw her car roll over and left her with a fractured back. An event like that may very well have had a lasting effect on Fonda’s outlook on life.

She disappeared from the public for years

Bridget Fonda looks back at the camera
Bridget Fonda during The 31st AFI Life Achievement Award Presented to Robert DeNiro at Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California, United States. (Photo Credit: Chris Polk/FilmMagic)

Whatever her motivation was, Fonda removed herself from the public eye. It seemed she had disappeared entirely, but she was once spotted in January 2022, on her 58th birthday. Prior to that, Fonda had not been seen for 12 years.

Her physical features had changed drastically, making her virtually unrecognizable. She has since been seen in public again, running errands around Los Angeles.

Fonda says she has no desire to return to acting

Bridget Fonda in a scene from 'It Could Happen To You.'
Bridget Fonda in a scene from the film It Could Happen To You, released in 1996. (Photo Credit: TriStar / Getty Images)

In another spotting, she was seen by paparazzi getting into a car with her son just outside of LAX airport. Paparazzi quickly asked her if she has any interest in making a return to Hollywood. At 59 years old, Fonda was resolute in her response, saying, “No. It’s too nice being a civilian.”

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The photographer then asked her if there was any particular director who could possibly convince her to accept a role on the big screen. Again, Fonda responded with a definitive, “Nope.” So that’s that. It seems highly unlikely she will ever change her mind, and who could blame her for it?

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