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14 Hilariously Relatable Historical Memes

Madeline Hiltz
(Photo Credit: Print Collector/ Getty Images_

Who says history can’t be relatable!? We’ve found some hilarious historical memes that we can’t help but laugh at. Seems that people who lived hundreds of years ago were just like us!

Please donut do that

Medieval meme about violin

(Photo Credit: Trippinthroughtime/ Reddit)

They see me rollin’. They hatin’.

A stressful situation for everyone

Parallel parking meme

(Photo Credit: classicalartmemes/ Reddit)

Excuse me ma’am I am five years old and I know nothing about driving or parallel parking.

Tag your spoilers!

Ophelia meme

(Photo Credit: trippinthroughtime/ Reddit)

Hamlet: you want to go swimming later?

Ophelia: okay…

Textbook definition of classy

(Apple juice meme)

(Photo Credit: trippinthroughtime/ Reddit)

But also, we are in our twenties and still doing this, so some habits die hard.

The ultimate disappointment

Base drop meme

(Photo Credit: trippinthroughtime/ Reddit)

We have all been in this position, and apparently so has the man in this painting.

A tale as old as time

Ball back meme

(Photo Credit: trippinthroughtime/ Reddit)

Please sir may we have our ball back? We kicked it into your yard while playing a casual game of mob football.

This is why we have trust issues

Lunch meme

(Photo Credit: trippinthroughtime/ Reddit)

Okay now that you’re here, please set the table.

Bow down to me, the “young lady”

Young lady meme

(Photo Credit: classicalartmemes/ Reddit)

Is this what growing up feels like??

Who knew being social was so difficult?

Social Stamina meme

(Photo Credit: classicalartmemes/ Reddit)

This meme hits a little bit harder post covid lockdown.

I was today years old when I realized people fell asleep in class at medieval university, too

Medieval universities meme

(Photo Credit: classicalartmemes/ Reddit)

*Fell asleep* or had an existential crisis mid-lecture? Either way, we can still relate.


Crucifixion meme

(Photo Credit: classicalartmemes/ Reddit)

This is the definition of “the grind never stops.” We are hoping that this woman made bank with her side hustle.

I am the captain now

McDonalds Meme

(Photo Credit: trippinthroughtime/ Reddit)

The 17-year-old McDonald’s employee listening to me spew my friends’ orders is the real hero here.

Come at me bro

expert meme

(Photo Credit: trippinthroughtime/ Reddit)

I am equipped with in-depth knowledge on the most bizarre topics of all time, so you had better prepare yourself.

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This happens to me more than it should

Essay meme

(Photo Credit: classicalartmemes/ Reddit)

You know, at this point I don’t even care, I’m just happy to be done.