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Odd Discoveries From The Weird History Project That Made Us Do A Double Take

Photo Credit: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty images
Photo Credit: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty images

The Weird History project is the brainchild of Andrew Radar, and there are so many weird and wonderful things listed on its Twitter feed.

Last time, we brought you shepherd’s stilts, hospital cows, and a toilet bomb. This time, it’s parachuting beavers, the last photo of officers on the Titantic, and Yo-yo the basset hound, who is officially categorized as a cat.

Remember that time when 76 beavers were parachuted to their new home? No? Don’t worry – here’s a picture to mark this bizarre event.

Everyone wants to work with the master of horror, Vincent Price, and these cats were no different when they auditioned for the lead role in an adaption of Poe’s The Black Cat for the 1962 horror compilation Tales of Terror.

Nope, this isn’t colorized!

Lots of people would write on broken pieces of pot in ancient times, as it was more plentiful than paper. But in Athens, citizens would vote for a person to be exiled from the city by writing their name on a piece of pottery. If the vote went against the individual, they would be “ostracized.”

Wearing one of these undoubtedly made it hard to eat your inflight meal.

We can understand why this didn’t catch on in pubs and bars.

The media has always been obsessed with showing the private life of royal families – even as far back as 1899.

They couldn’t possibly know that this voyage would be their last.

Taking the idea of a moat to extremes.

While technically not a building, the London Underground and other subways are marvels of engineering and architecture.

Does anyone want a go on this? Anyone…?

So very touching and beautiful.

Want to ace your geography test in 1852? Put this in your schoolbag and you’re halfway there.

Mind you, if you were a girl traveling to school, you had to make sure you didn’t cycle because you would risk getting “bicycle face” on the way.

And if you want your schoolbooks to travel in style, then there’s this book box from Medieval Italy.

If your studies lead you to Cambridge University, you’ll have to leave your beloved pooch behind as a previous master banned all dogs from college accommodation. Luckily, when Mr. Mosey became Master in October 2013, he was able to convince the college that his dog, Yo Yo, was simply “a very large cat.”

Who could have guessed that the 36th president of the United States had such a futuristic ride?

We were definitely raised in the wrong country. Is it too late to move to France and attend elementary school there?

This is not something we’ve ever thought about. Look how well-preserved they are!

What a lovely story and beautiful dress.

Talk about a good way to get carpal tunnel syndrome.

He’s dressing for the job he wants, not the job he has.

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This certainly can’t have been the most comfortable way to travel!

Charlotte Bond

Charlotte Bond is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News