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14 Of The Strangest Things From The ‘Weird History Project’

(Photo Credit: @weird_hist / Twitter)
(Photo Credit: @weird_hist / Twitter)

Here at The Vintage News, we love it when we come across a little nugget from history that is just unbelievably bizarre. And so we love Weird History, a project that is the brainchild of Andrew Radar.

Since September 2011, Weird History has been searching for the best and most bizarre aspects of history. Here are some of our favorites from their Twitter feed.

Moments in history

Obviously, we all want pictures to capture unique moments in history, but there are some moments where we bet the people in the photograph really wish the picture hadn’t been taken. There are also some incidents so bizarre they had to be photographed to be believed.

That’s going to be one heck of a hangover he has when he finally wakes up.

If ever there was a top contender for the ultimate caption of “Ooops!” it’s this photo from 1957.

Inventions and technology

You might struggle to fit this in a modern-day briefcase to take to work today.

Just watch out for those rabbit holes!

We’ve all seen photos of the past that have been colorized in modern times, but this is the first color photograph ever – and it comes from 1861. It’s a photograph of a tartan ribbon taken by Thomas Sutton.

Getting a reservation in the 1940s was also more involved than it is today. Someone should tell her there’ll be an app for that.

A glimpse of life now lost

It’s always fascinating to see how different life was from how it is today.

So much prettier than your average e-reader.

Check out our article on Anne Boleyn’s own personal prayer book!

That’s got to be the best sight from any hospital window.

People from the past

From painters to politicians, it’s always fascinating to see moments from the lives of people who have shaped history.

Art fans know of Lump, Picasso’s pet Dachshund who appeared in many of his paintings, but here he is with another of his dogs, Bob. For a man who created inspiring art, he wasn’t great at picking pet names.

Puts modern prison facilities to shame.

Beautiful buildings

Some you’ll recognize, others will be a surprise.

Everyone recognizes the Eiffel Tower these days, and here’s how it all started

The place to go if you truly want to get away from it all.

Not quite how caravans turned out but who wouldn’t want a go in one of these?

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Unusual warfare sight

Well, if they were going to chuck it out anyway…

Stay tuned for more of these historical gems!

Charlotte Bond

Charlotte Bond is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News