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Princess Diana’s Quaint Pre-Royal Apartment is for Sale for £3 Million

Elisabeth Edwards
Photo Credit: 1. Aaron Chown / PA Images / Getty Images 2. Princess Diana Archive / Hulton Royals Collection / Getty Images
Photo Credit: 1. Aaron Chown / PA Images / Getty Images 2. Princess Diana Archive / Hulton Royals Collection / Getty Images

A piece of Princess Diana’s pre-royal life is for sale and someone could own it for the low price of just £3 million! Before she lived in palaces and castles, 18-year-old Lady Diana Spencer purchased an apartment at Coleherne Court, in London’s lavish South Kensington neighborhood.

Princess Diana walking along the street, surrounded by paparazzi
Lady Diana Spencer hounded by the media at her flat in Coleherne Court, November 1980. (Photo Credit: Alisdair MacDonald / Mirrorpix / Getty Images)

In 1979, Diana inherited £50,000 following the death of her great-grandmother and put the money toward the three-bedroom unit in a lavish Edwardian mansion. In true Diana fashion, she kindly rented out spare rooms to friends for just £18 a week.

Diana’s friends remember she was exceptionally clean and often did the chores around the apartment. During the day, she worked as a nursery teacher’s assistant and made extra money putting her thorough cleaning skills to work, cleaning her sister Sarah’s apartment.

Lady Diana Spencer leaving Coleherne Court
Lady Diana Spencer leaving her flat at Coleherne Court, November 1980. (Photo Credit: Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Lady Diana’s time at 60 Coleherne Court was short-lived. She began dating Prince Charles in 1980, and when the pair announced their engagement the following year Diana’s apartment was swarmed by paparazzi daily. She officially moved out on February 25, 1981, and took up residence at Buckingham Palace until her wedding to Charles.

Unfortunately, Princess Diana did not get the happily ever after she likely anticipated when she left her Coleherne Court residence, and the apartment is now on the market for £3.15 million.

A blue plaque commemorating Princess Diana at Coleherne Court reads "Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, lived here 1979-1981"
General view of the English Heritage blue plaque to Diana, Princess of Wales, outside Coleherne Court, unveiled in 2021. (Photo Credit: Dominic Lipinski / PA Images / Getty Images)

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Whoever the lucky buyer is, they will enjoy lavish amenities at Coleherne Court, including a 24-hour porter service and CCTV monitoring.

Elisabeth Edwards

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