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Vintage Items That Have Stood the Test of Time

(Photo Credit: wood-garden via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)
(Photo Credit: wood-garden via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

Old things are usually better than new things, because old things have stories associated with them. Also, sometimes old items just do the job better than new ones. Such is the case with these 14 vintage items that have truly stood the test of time.

1. A vacuum bottle that fell out of an airplane

Aladdin vacuum bottle, 1988
(Photo Credit: Corey_m_snow via BuItForLife/ Reddit)

Reddit user corey_m_snow shared a photo of this vacuum bottle that they bought in 1988. Although noting that it was expensive when it was purchased, they also revealed that this bottle has been through a war and multiple deployments. It fell out of their backpack as they jumped out of an airplane and survived the fall, and is still being used today.

2. A 100-year-old waffle maker

Waffle iron 1920s
(Photo Credit: Roninizer via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

Reddit user Roninizer shared this photo of their waffle maker a few years ago on Reddit. Although it might look similar to waffle makers used at various hotels for continental breakfasts, remarkably, this waffle maker is from the 1920s and still works perfectly!

3. This old GE Alarm Clock

GE Alarm clock
(Photo Credit: nhoucky via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

Boy does this alarm clock take us back! Nowadays people just use their phone as their alarm clock in the morning, but Reddit user nhoucky has used this old GE alarm clock for the past 25 years – and it hasn’t failed them yet!

4. A one-stop-shop!

1920s/ 1930s Magic Chef Stove
(Photo Credit: Frostysorbet via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

Frostysrobet‘s Magic Chef stove from the 1920s-1930s features six burners, two ovens, a broiler, storage drawer, and a bread warmer. Talk about an appliance having everything you might need!

5. A toy that has stood the test of time

Antique horse toy
(Photo Credit: ShaquielleOFeel via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

We definitely remember these toys, especially getting our skin stuck in the springs! We are surprised at the good state this horsey is in, considering its age. Reddit user ShaquielleOFeel revealed that they received this toy from their grandparents over 30 years ago, and then passed it down to their children.

6. Hemming for years to come

1925 sewing machine
(Photo Credit: archpope via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

Today, this vintage sewing machine is used to make masks. It was bought in 1925 and passed down through numerous generations. It still works just as well today as it did nearly one hundred years ago.

7. Perfect for a beach day

blue Coleman cooler
(Photo Credit: Ahobo1 via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

This blue Coleman Low Boy cooler from the 1960s is perfect for a beach day! Reddit user Ahobo1 revealed his grandparents found this gem at a thrift store nearly 20 years ago. It still looks to be in perfect condition!

8. Thousands of miles ridden

Vintage yellow bicycle
(Photo Credit: CPetersky via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

This is the definition of a vintage item with a story to tell. Reddit user CPetersky revealed that they bought this bike in 1988 using the money their grandmother had left them after her death. CPetersky’s mother was upset they used their inheritance on a bicycle. However, since 1988, this bicycle has seen thousands of miles, and is still used today.

9. Must work too well to be replaced

1960-1970 tape dispenser
(Photo Credit: Squaragus_Asparagus via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

This heavy-duty tape dispenser must be irreplaceable because it is currently being held up by a toothpick. Reddit user Squaragus_Asparagus works in a multimillion-dollar hospital lab, and revealed that they still rely on this tape dispenser from the 1960s-1970s.

10. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it

Original Nintendo Game boy
(Photo Credit: wood-garden via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

Although there are many newer versions of Nintendo’s Game Boy, nothing beats the original. Reddit user wood-garden still uses their original Game Boy, but also revealed that they haven’t used the French translator in nearly twenty years.

11. A toy with a history lesson

West Germany train toy
(Photo Credit: epicstratton via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

This train toy was made in West Germany at some point before West and East Germany were reunited. Since Germany became unified in the 1990s, this toy has an interesting history lesson attached to it for curious children!

12. The only way to scoop ice cream

Zeroll ice cream scoop
(Photo Credit: bb5x24 via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

Tired of having your ice cream scoop break or using a regular spoon to get a bowl of ice cream? Get a Zeroll ice cream scoop! It might seem like a silly investment, but as ice cream enthusiasts we swear by these things!

13. How do they still have all the pieces!?

1976 scrabble game
(Photo Credit: mattQW via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

We don’t know how Reddit user mattQW managed to keep track of all the pieces for this 1976 Scrabble game – we know we would have lost a few letters over the years! This deluxe edition version includes raised grid lines and a rotating base.

14. What’s with that wire?

Microsoft mouse from 1999
(Photo Credit: Flouf via BuyItForLife/ Reddit)

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Kids today might have no idea what they’re looking at when they see this photo of a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer. This old-school mouse would definitely come in handy because the battery would never run out!

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