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These People Recreated Their Heartwarming Photos Years Later

(Photo Credit: Magic975 via Imgur)
(Photo Credit: Magic975 via Imgur)

Recreating old photos is always a fun and heartfelt gift to create and give. We’ve found some of the best inspiration – take a look back on people who took the same photos years later.

1. A true ride or die

Recreating a photo on a motorcycle
(Photo Credit: Magic976 via Imgur)

This is truly the definition of ‘ride or die.’ The original picture was taken on this couple’s wedding day in 1975 and not only did they recreate the photo 40 years later, but the blushing bride even wore her original wedding dress!

2. Two decades later and she can still fit into her prom dress

Junior Prom Dress
(Photo Credit: disconaldo via Imgur)

The husband (and prom date) posted this side-by-side photo of him and his wife with the caption “my wife might be a vampire,” and we certainly believe it.

The first photo was taken at the couple’s junior prom and the second photo was taken 20 years later. Both of them look incredible, but what shocks us is that the wife is wearing the same dress she wore to her junior prom 20 years later. Teach us how we can fit into our high school clothes!

3. Taking Pride in 24 years together

Pride parade
(Photo Credit: OldSchoolCool via Reddit)

In 2017, Nicholas Cardello and Kurt English recreated an iconic picture from 1993. The couple first marched for LGBTQ+ rights in 1993 when they snapped their photo on the left. In 2017, they participated in the Equality March for Unity and Pride, where they recreated their original photo from 24 years before.

4. Just as stylish as ever

same bike same couple
(Photo Credit: OldSchoolCool via Reddit)

In 1967, this stylish young couple snapped a picture on a motorcycle. Fifty-one years later, in 2018, the same couple (still just as stylish) recreated their original photo on their original motorcycle!

5. The only Vietnam recreation we’re happy to see

Vietnam recreation
(Photo Credit: OldSchoolCool via Reddit)

This Vietnam veteran really paid attention to details while recreating this photo. The one on the right was taken in 1966 when this veteran was just 19 years old. Years later, he recreated it, even going so far as wearing his old Army uniform!

6. Ringo Starr- the ultimate photographer

Ringo Starr picture
(Photo Credit: OldSchoolCool via Reddit)

Not only is the recreation of this photo iconic, but so too is the story associated with it.

According to Reddit user AndrePeniche, in 1964, a group of high school kids skipped school to go see the Beatles. They didn’t get into the concert, but while they were driving, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr pulled up beside them and snapped their picture.

The group of friends told their friends and classmates about this, but no one believed them. Fast forward 50 years to when Ringo published a book of his photographs – including the one of the group of friends. They responded by recreating Ringo’s photo 50 years later.

7. A honeymoon to remember

recreating honeymoon photos
(Photo Credit: OldSchoolCool via Reddit)

Here’s another photo recreation where the attention to detail is just outstanding! Reddit user Old_but_new posted this photo of their parents recreating their honeymoon photo 40 years later.

Old_but_new also noted that the clothes in the recreated photo were all the same as the in the original, except for the hat. Apparently, this outfit was used for dress-up by the kids when they were younger!

8. The best birthday present!

60th birthday present
(Photo Credit: Madbear on OldSchoolCool via Reddit)

For all those looking for birthday present inspiration, here is a great idea! This photo was posted on Reddit by user Madbear, who said it was all she wanted for her 60th birthday. The photo on the left was first taken in 1985 and recreated in 2019.

9. She rocks!

(Photo Credit: Pi-zz-a on Damnthatsinteresting via Reddit)
(Photo Credit: Pi-zz-a on Damnthatsinteresting via Reddit)

Here we see two photos of a Reddit user’s Nana taken at the same spot 71 years apart! Both the tower and Nana have held up great over the past 71 years.

10. Play Station excitement

playstation before and after
(Photo Credit: Sixthmist on PastAndPresentPics via Reddit)

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It’s only natural to be this excited over a new PlayStation! Truly the only thing that’s different in each photo is the age of these guys – from boys to men, but it’s nice to see that they still have the same hobbies!

Madeline Hiltz

Madeline Hiltz is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News